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Maintain bug-free APIs and seamlessly integrate with other services with no scope for technical and commercial concerns

Modern APIs often take the form of web services that provide users with some information. API testing requires an even more thorough approach than other types of testing, and our QA specialists are always ready to help you with this.

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What is API Testing?

API’s form a crucial link in today’s interconnected world of programs, apps, websites, and servers. An Application Program Interface (API), standardizes and streamlines the flow of “computer speak” information and enables IoT. “API plug-ins” simplify and shorten the development life-cycle, making a developer’s role more agile.

Testing APIs assures that all the data being accessed is properly processed by the API, ensuring better security and compliance testing. Lastly, because API testing occurs prior to any black-box UI related testing, every API defect found may save up to 10 GUI defects later in the project! So, if you’re interested in getting ahead of the regression curve and incorporating API testing automation before the front end is polished off, contact us today.

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API Testing Services

API Performance Testing

API performance testing includes functional and load tests aimed to see whether API returns the desired output for a given input and determine the overall system performance under specific conditions. If you are looking for great professionals to conduct such tests, QAwerk team is here to help you..

API Automation Testing

API level testing automation means creating scripts, programs or setting up applications that can test API on a regular basis. It is a major key to perform the testing faster but requires strong technical skills. Only an experienced QA engineer can correctly automate API testing, and we have such experts in our big team.

API Security Testing

Every API should meet security requirements including authentication, permissions, and access controls that should always be safe. Even a single error in API security is more critical than in an individual app, as it affects every software that relies on that API so it can cause serious problems. Rest assured, our testing services are aimed at preventing this.

API Integration Testing

API integration tests simplify testing and make it possible to identify most errors already at the development stage. The goal of integration API testing is to verify that it meets expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. QAwerk software testers are ready to ensure the perfect API testing process of your software.

Our API Testing Services Approach

Webs Utility Global | API Testing Service

Understanding and document the API

The process involves documentation of all API specifications based on the API testing requirements (e.g., importing the required entity).

Webs Utility Global |  API Testing Service

Create test suites

Our testers start writing custom test scenarios using powerful API tools that allow the tester to cover all the non-functional testing.

Webs Utility Global | API Testing Service

Analyze the results

Our results include the Console Log, the record of the raw request & response, certificates, and error logs from scripts.

Need API testing services?

TestingXperts API Testing methodology includes the following steps:

API Testing Services

Technologies we use:

  • API Testing Services
  • API Testing Services
  • API Testing Services

API Testing Benefits


Time and Cost Effective

API testing takes as far less time than functional testing and is easier to maintain. Also, API test automation requires less code and accelerate development workflows, thus reduced overall testing cost.


Core Access

API testing allows to access the application without a user interface, so through the core access. In the case of working with the outsourcing team, it makes possible app testing in parallel with development.


Strong Protection

API testing helps eliminate vulnerabilities since it requires certain conditions and inputs that protect the app from attacks. By sending more effort on testing API of your software, first of all, you guarantee your safety.

What sets Webs Utility apart?

We use the best practices based on industry standards to render top-quality API testing.

Our well-trained and highly experienced in-house testers have in-depth knowledge in the latest trends and methods of API testing.

With our game Testing Service, you can obtain a high return on your investment.

Our testing teams can provide the discipline and testing knowledge needed to supplement your business testers to ensure a better outcome.

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