Airbnb Like Application Development Services

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Airbnb Like Application Development Services | Webs Utility Global | India

If you want to make an app like Airbnb, here you can find a list of its essential features and get an idea of the development process and possible cost.

Tourism was one of the industries the pandemic hit the hardest. However, crises always come with new opportunities, as proven by Airbnb’s own story. It started in 2008 in San Francisco. Two roommates, short of cash, came up with an idea to rent out a couple of air mattresses in their rented apartment in a B&B format. Soon, they decided to enable others to do the same on the web. Currently, their brainchild has over 150 million active users worldwide and is valued at about $130 billion.

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How Airbnb Works

Airbnb is a peer-to-peer marketplace where assets or services are shared between private individuals. Three categories benefit at once.

Airbnb Like Application Development Services | Webs Utility Global | India


These people have a house or spare room and want to earn some money as a ‘freelance hotelier.’ The marketplace platform offers them a convenient way to list their property with free professional photos via a website or mobile app. They can communicate with potential guests in the app, choose a trustworthy guest, and safely receive their money. Airbnb provides insurance for the listed properties.

Airbnb Like Application Development Services | Webs Utility Global | India


These may be tourists, families planning a vacation, or business people who look for accommodations other than hotels. On Airbnb, they can search multiple listings in their target destination, see all the details of a space, chat with the owner to find out more, and book and pay in-app.

Airbnb Like Application Development Services | Webs Utility Global | India

Photograph s

One of Airbnb’s competitive advantages is high-quality pictures of the properties. It runs a network of freelance photographers in the most popular destinations and pays for their work from the portal.

Airbnb Like Application Development Process

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