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Business to consumer, otherwise known as ‘B2C’ refers to direct selling between a business and an individual, known as a consumer. Although it covers any type of of direct selling, it is mainly associated with online selling, also known as e-commerce. The growth in online sales has created challenges for traditional businesses on the high street. To stay competitive, they also need to build a service online. Essentially, if you own a business and you are selling products or services, you need to be aware and on top of your business to consumer marketing.

How B2C Business Took Over the Market?

Before the dotcom boom of the late 1990’s, one or more B2B businesses were tied to every physical storefront. Through the internet, these B2B businesses gave way to simpler B2C systems, through which customers could purchase from manufacturers directly. This financial streamlining eliminated the middle man, causing the B2C model to become the modern standard. As the early growth of the internet gained momentum, more and more stores switched to doing business directly with consumers over their websites.

B2C Lead Generation Strategies

Within the world of business many companies will either fit into B2C or B2B. Some may even do both. When it comes to those focusing on B2C it’s important to look the different strategies you can deploy to generate leads for your business.

  • Provide a Solution to a Problem in a Video
  • Cross Promote Email Marketing and Social Media
  • Correspond on Twitter and Facebook
  • Optimise Your Website and Landing Pages
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B2C Lead Generation Services We Offer


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can optimize your landing pages and business website to launch targeted campaigns at your digital audience. By collecting data from analytics tools, we glean insights that tell us how to efficiently build organic traffic.


Paid Promotions

Finding takers for your products and services is easier online. However, to discover best leads you must filter the noise that conceals their presence. This is where paid promotions come in. With campaigns tailored to your budget, we can make your promotions a certain success.


Retargeting Leads

If your prospects have moved away from your B2C website you can still pitch to them by promoting ads on pages they visit across the web. The ads can be customized by learning their browsing pattern fetched by your website's Cookie. Retargeting can bring prospects back to sales negotiation if they have abandoned cart on their first visit.


Social Media Campaigning

With the advent and rapid germination of mobile marketing, social media advertising has become a mainstream strategy to build an audience and drive interaction through more devices than one. You can build momentum in your digital marketing campaign by making ads that are aimed at a select demography across social channels.


Content Marketing Solutions

We can propel B2C lead generation services to uncharted marketing landscape through high-quality content. Using audio, visual, and text-based content we broadcast your tailored marketing messages far and wide to captivate the attention of B2C leads who are in search of products & services.


Marketing Automation Solutions

We can automate every rote procedure to save a little extra in terms of cost and time. Our marketing automation solutions can intelligently take care of routine functions in the B2C lead generation. From documenting preliminary needs to report creation and everything in between; we automate a wide range of tasks.

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Advantages of B2C Lead Generation

  • It reduces the number of components within your business. Such as the number of employees, the costs involved and the lack of physical stores.
  • It shrinks the competition gap. For example, a small business has the same marketing and advertising opportunities online as high profile companies.
  • People can buy products from anywhere in the world. Hence, there is an unlimited market place to advertise in.
  • B2C online reduces the cost of doing business. Hence, you can run your customer service and sales support with smaller teams. Or maybe you are even doing this yourself already.
  • Additionally, with B2C, you can sell your products directly to customers, without the need of any third party clients. Thus cutting out any unnecessary middle men.
  • Furthermore, in terms of supply and demand, you will automatically be building up better links with your manufacturers and suppliers as your business depends on it.

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