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Unified communications is making sure you have the best mix of technology to address your specific business needs. It is about interlinking our products and services to connect your people, applications, clouds and networks around the world.

Whether it’s empowering your employees with an effective digital workplace, transforming the operations and management of your communications infrastructure or building deeper customer relationships with personalised contact centres – we’ve got you covered.

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Follow any communication paradigm

Communication Platforms should follow the rules of real-world social interactions. This means providing one-on-one chats. Group chats with upto 1,000 users, announcements and bulk E-mail capabilities and read-only channels for influencers and marketers.

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Build a universal messaging platform

We provide a robust and sophisticated social messaging engine that can accomodate the client's business goals and domain. This engine handles text, media, instant vedio and audio messages, vedio streaming and more. And it works for financial applications such as bank transaction are messages too.

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Enable secure vedio calls

Traditional forms of real-time communications are still important. Which is why audio and vedio calls are available for personal and group conversations. All calls should be encrypted according to the highest security standards.

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Provide high level security and analytics

To keep end users safe and satisfied. we integrate user administration, role management, and report management tools. Webs Utility also helps clients get thoughtful insights on their audiences and possible areas of business optimization with deep analysis of mass behaviour and user filtering queries.

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With an incessant culture of client service and satisfaction, our cogent partnership offers an agile development approach, enriching your web or mobile app with a modern yet stellar user experience. See for yourself how we solve business problems with the quantitative approach using Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics services.

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