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Regardless of the focus, compatibility testing ensures that all of your end users will have the same positive experience.


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Compatibility testing is done to determine if the developed application or product is good enough to run in different environments such as Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices, Networks, Hardware and Versions. Since there is a frequent release of new and existing versions of Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices etc. it is necessary for the organization to perform compatibility tests to ensure if their application or product is rendered as intended across different platform and to prevent errors and bugs. It is very much essential if compatibility test are performed on a real environment instead of a virtual one.

Tests which are performed before deploying application in production environment are normally done in single platform. Once after releasing it in production the customer may test the product in different platform and they may find bugs, to reduce such issues and not to upset your customers it is important to test the compatibility and it is advisable to perform compatibility once the build is stable enough.

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Browser Compatibility Testing

  • Identify functional and layout issues
  • Know about the browsers’ impact on user experience

Application Compatibility Testing

  • Maximize number of users
  • App runs across different software, hardware, networks, and browsers

Software Compatibility Testing

  • Test across multiple environments
  • High-end methodology to test the software

Version Compatibility Testing

  • Forward Compatibility Testing
  • Backward Compatibility Testing

Why is Compatibility Testing Important?

Compatibility testing is a part of non-functional testing that ensures the software’s compatibility with various computing environments. It is an essential part of the QA process.

Here are several reasons why you should run it yourself or request help from a compatibility testing company.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

1. Enhance scalability and usability

Our platform compatibility testing services will allow you to make your app more stable and scalable as well as to improve its usability on a variety of devices and platforms.

Webs Utility Global |  Atomation Testing

2. Increase responsiveness

To make sure your website, mobile, or cloud app aligns with multiple device specifications, we can help you conduct platform compatibility testing and see how well your solution works on each relevant platform.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

3. Test updates and new functions

When you prepare to release an update or launch new functions, it's important to know they will work well in all operating systems, devices, and browsers.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

4. Check for loopholes between platforms

Compatibility testing is necessary when you want to spot any loopholes between the platforms your solution is working on and ensure all the features operate as intended.

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Our Approach Towards Compatibility Testing Services

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Why Choose Webs Utility for Compatibility Testing ?

Our Compatibility Testing Services bring the industry-leading expertise of Webs Utility’s Mobile Solutions and Testing Global Service Lines. We have a proven track record of supporting clients in identifying and implementing their vision and business needs for mobile solutions. With the increasing usage of mobile channels, ensuring a high quality experience is critical to customer and employee satisfaction. Webs Utility’s Compatibility Testing Services provide organizations the opportunity to maintain high quality whilst reducing costs and time-to-market.

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