Data Engineering Services

Why Choose Data Engineering Services?

With ever increasing data volumes and velocity from IoT and machine-generated data, companies must upgrade their data systems to create intelligence and value from data. Businesses require expertise to instrument, upgrade, and create data architectures that create business impact. Automation of massive amounts of data with real-time intelligence and data quality are imperative to drive accurate data-driven decisions and trust. HCL empowers companies with data accelerators, data platform management, strategic relationships, state-of-the art laboratories, data technologies, and software expertise for accelerating data intelligence into business operations.

Benefits of using Data Engineering.

  • Making better decisions based on the powerful knowledge you gain from the data
  • Improving product quality and user experience by analyzing gathered data
  • Identifying new business opportunities by predicting behaviors based on historical data
  • Reducing costs and increasing profits by simplifying your data architecture
  • Reducing of project duration by speeding up the processes of accessing insights
  • Expertise on AWS S3, AWS EFS, Google Cloud, Azure Blob Storage, etc.

Our Expertise

Data forms:

Structured data like Salesforce, Google Analytics, & Sales data. Semi Structured data like XML, TCP-IP packets, markup languages, webpage, zip files, binary executables. Unstructured Data like social media, contacts, web logs, emails, requests, service logs & audio

Data Architecture:

Design data engineering cloud solution like Data Lake, Data Warehouse or end-to-end pipelines, Automation of ETL and ELT processes and design cost effective, scalable, secure data platform

Data Analytics & Visualization:

Consultancy and define plan for analytical method development, interactive dashboards & visualizations, managed reporting service platform including aws quicksight, Looker, PowerBI, etc.

Data Science Services:

Machine Learning, Performance Tuning, Pattern Recognition, Recommendation Engine, Adaptive Learning

Webs Utility Global
Webs Utility Global

Data Preparation and ETL/ELT

Data preparation, processing, and ETL/ELT (extract, transform (load), load (transform)) help in the processing, transformation, and loading of data into the required data model for business reporting and advanced analytics.

Our Data Engineering team has developed such pipelines for many business departments such as Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, and others.

Data Lake Implementation

Data Lakes are the most powerful and creative option for cost-effective data storage and quick processing. Adoption of Data Lakes in your company may support you in expanding the business data architecture.

Addepto has used Data Lake solutions to solve a variety of client business challenges such as Product Traceability, Customer Data Platforms, IoT data reporting, and others.

Webs Utility Global |B2B diamond trading platform | Malaysia

Webs Utility Global |B2B diamond trading platform | Malaysia

Cloud Data Architecture

Today, it is essential to build and design flexible and highly accessible business data architectures.

Our Data Architects can help your business get to the next level in terms of data analytics foundation by combining experience from several large enterprises. Try our Big Data Engineering Services!

How we help you overcome data engineering challenges with our capabilities in data engineering consulting?

Webs Utility Global |Online Business Analysis| Malaysia

Platform modernization for accelerated AI adoption

We enable rapid AI adoption by modernizing your data platforms with our use case-driven accelerators. T-Ingestor – a cloud agnostic Metadata-driven driverless ingestion solution to ingest data from any source to AWS, Azure or GCP. Code reverse engineering accelerators to modernize legacy data platforms by re-engineering the legacy codebase. Snowflake accelerators to operationalize the platform quickly and control costs. EASEL platform — a development workbench to facilitate and standardize the development of data science models and analyses.

Webs Utility Global | Infrastructure & Architecture| Malaysia

Infrastructure & Architecture

Once the consultation phase is over, our experts set about defining the infrastructure of your website. This involves framing the back-end and front end requirements. We employ the best practices to optimize the infrastructure, development, maintenance and performance of your website. Finally, time and cost estimates are specified to complete the project.

Webs Utility Global | Custom eCommerce Design & Development | Malaysia

Design & Development

Once the proposal is approved, we initiate the design and development of your custom eCommerce website. While keeping the target audience's needs in mind, our designers create one or more prototypes of your website. Constant feedback is sought from the client. Once everything looks good the prototypes are applied to develop a functional website.

Webs Utility Global | Software Testing & Growth | Malaysia

Testing & Growth

In the testing stage, attention is given to the finer details of your custom website. Various tests are run to check the functionality of forms and scripts and compatibility is checked across all the recent browser versions. Regular maintenance, upgrades and optimizations are carried out to keep the website performing at its best.

Technology We Work On

Cloud Toolset, Open Source, Visualisation Tools, Programming Skills

Why Choose Webs Utility?

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing and most awarded management data engineering consulting and technology companies.

Repeatable solutioning

Our data engineering practice has robust, repeatable and customizable templates, frameworks and runbooks — for asset classification, data governance, data quality, cost optimizations etc. — that accelerate AI adoption at scale.

End-to-end data engineering capabilities

From AI vision and cloud strategy to DevOps and managed services, our teams have experience delivering end-to-end data engineering solutions for the AI and analytics needs of global enterprises.


Our team has the latest technical skills and in-depth knowledge of data engineering. We develop your work solutions with high quality and optimum standards.

Our Work

We have worked with well reputed companies. Our team has good exposure with new and updated technologies which helps us to give you the best solutions for your business.

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