Accelerate Outcomes with Agile

Learn by experts how to connect with your clients, Elastic team compositions, Agile Custom project management practices and Specialized generalists equip you with concepts, capabilities and an outlook necessary to lead in the exponentially changing technology landscape.

In today’s fast-paced business surroundings, the options and principles of the past no longer apply. Technology is a synonym for business’ action; in strategies, complexities, innovations and solutions. Our Custom project specific futuristic technology architecture blueprints act as a backbone for the faster, secure and constantly updated release of business values.

Agility permeates our team composition, delivery processes and an individual’s skills resulting in cost successful operations, short coding sprints, short feedback cycles, early error detection, reduced code smells, elimination of costly delays, accelerated speed to market, and enhanced customer orientation.

Envision a Bold Future with Elastic Workforce

For each Custom project at different stages in Custom project lifecycle we deploy the right mix of leaders in strategy, Innovation Advisors, Technology Specialists, Enterprise Function Practitioners, Agile Implementation Professionals, Customer Experience Designers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data Scientists, and many other specialized skills. This flexibility of configuring a Custom project stage specific team creates a high performance elastic workforce model. This model in combination with leading association and communication capabilities allows us to deliver cost effective outcomes round the clock to make an impact and put your success in fast lane.

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Turbocharge Your Agile Quotient

Webs Utility Team catapult you ahead of the competition by turbocharging your agile quotient with the implementation of agile practices at each stage of the Custom Custom project lifecycle. Our embedded teams apply the theory of constraints to focus on the most significant bottleneck to deliver business value faster with higher quality and less waste.

Team and Culture Everything Agile Impact
Webs Utility Global |Team and Culture | United Kingdom Everything Agile
  • Servant leadership
  • Flat structure
  • Self-contained
  • Role consolidation
  • Cross-functional
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Rapid learning
  • Active partnership
  • Outside-in feedback
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved visibility
  • More accountability
  • Spurs ownership
  • Less rework
  • Eliminate inefficient handoffs
  • Minimise costly delays
  • Shift course as needed
  • Quick wins
  • Early risk identification
Process Everything Agile Impact
Everything Agile
  • Velocity forecasting
  • Task batching
  • Parallel processing
  • Status tracking alignment
  • Incremental delivery
  • Synchronised iterations
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Rapid feedback loops
  • Push for MVP
  • Accelerated delivery
  • Delivery focused product backlogs
  • Reduced queuing delays
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Custom project progress visibility
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Foreseeable scheduling
  • Foreseeable costing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
DevOps Everything Agile Impact
 Webs Utility Global | Devops|United Kingdom Everything Agile
  • Cloud based tools
  • Continuous integration
  • Integrated software testing
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous operations
  • Improved MTTR
  • Faster time to market
  • Better quality code
  • Increased frequency of deployments
  • Faster release cycles

Elastic Workforce Model

With a mission oriented approach, end state vision and agile talent management, Webs Utility Team accelerate the velocity of your business outcomes with a verifiable impact. Our elastic model workforce is structured around common business, aligned for end to end delivery of the defined value stream. Organised around the agile blocks of cross functional, self managing and flow to work pools, our squads are designed to enhance flexibility with accountability. The iterative blueprinting process integrates constant feedback, catalyses continuous delivery, implements fact based change and enables shift to the next priority step.

Webs Utility’s Agile Workforce Model|United Kingdom

Agile Embedded Processes:
Launchpad for Incremental Outcomes

Moving away from entrenched processes, Webs Utility Team deploy highly iterative agile software development framework to attune the delivery engine towards delivering a quality product.

  • Our agile delivery practices put a focus on the decentralized decision rights model to drive an increased sense of individual leader accountability.
  • Our scrum teams use the daily stand-up meetings for attaining the sprint goal, track Sprint velocity through burndown charts for achieving the maximum efficiency.
  • Our scrum masters troubleshoot the scrum smells to ensure disciplined implementation of agile practices.
  • Our Custom project managers monitor Custom project progress by tracking cycle time and lead time through Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD) to increase the throughput.
  • Our whole team approach allows testing in real time with active collaboration of testing and development teams to identify and resolve the errors at the earliest.
  • Webs Utility Team keep application maintenance costs minimum, reduce manual effort, increase resiliency by constantly unloading the technical debt.
Webs Utility Global | Sprints for Incremental Outcomes|United Kingdom

Webs Utility Team bring the product offering to market much faster by compressing the length of time from development to release and treating end user as the ultimate arbiter of the product value. Our business and IT teams creativity, with clients, to prove the viability, feasibility, and desirability of products and then define the MVP scope. Webs Utility Team then create a prioritized, right-sized product backlog of user stories required for the 'first lean' release of the idea. Webs Utility Team sketch a skeleton application and build a first functional prototype and get it validated from the end-user and client. Based on the insights gained, Webs Utility Team follow with small releases until the product gradually emerges.

Webs Utility Global | Product Development _1| United Kingdom Webs Utility Global | MVP Product Development _1| United Kingdom

Orchestrating the Cadence of the Modern Workforce

In the ever-changing landscape of organisational structure, traditional role-based thinking constraints have given way to the T-shaped workforce to capture trapped efficiencies and compete more effectively in the hyper-competitive market.

Our T-shaped professionals possess the complementary capabilities of a specialist and a generalist, achieving cross-fertilisation across disciplines to eliminate inefficiencies, functional silos, internal bottlenecks, frequent refactoring, & dependency delays, ultimately bending the cost curve. Webs Utility Team strategically optimise the collective intelligence of T-shaped professionals in square-shaped teams to achieve high innovation velocity and enable solutions for our clients.

Webs Utility Global |T-shaped Professionals|United Kingdom

By engage the flow management strategy of swarming and continuous improvement approach, Webs Utility Team bridge the gap between value stream mapping and its impact. As the shape spectrum continues to shift along the innovation continuum and evolves into the forms of Pi, M, COMB and E, Webs Utility Team tap into their agility by applying the concept of staff liquidity to deliver a holistic product and service.

Defining the Transformation in Perpetual Motion

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