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The AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. This comprehensive course provides a deep understanding of AWS services, architecture best practices, and design patterns. Participants will learn how to design, deploy, and scale highly available and fault-tolerant applications on the AWS platform.

The training covers topics such as networking, storage, compute, databases, security, and cost optimization. With hands-on labs and real-world scenarios, this course prepares individuals to confidently architect solutions that meet business requirements and leverage the full potential of AWS cloud services.

AWS Training Course Curriculum

The AWS Training Course curriculum covers a wide range of topics to prepare individuals for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification. The curriculum includes an introduction to AWS, networking and security, storage and database services, compute services, deployment and management, monitoring and troubleshooting, architecting for high availability and scalability, cost optimization, and best practices.

Through a combination of theoretical concepts, hands-on labs, and practical exercises, participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to architect and deploy robust and scalable solutions on the AWS platform.

About the Program

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Interview opportunities from top product companies

1:1 Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship by Industry experts (approx. 16 across the program).


Masterclasses by Industry Veterans every 3 months.

AWS Training Course Key Features

Comprehensive curriculum

The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of AWS services, concepts, and best practices, ensuring participants have a well-rounded understanding of AWS.

Interactive learning

The course often encourages interactive learning through discussions, group activities, and Q&A sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment and allowing participants to share insights and learn from each other.

Certification preparation

The course is designed to prepare participants for AWS certification exams, providing guidance on exam topics, practice questions, and exam-taking strategies to enhance their chances of success.

Flexibility of learning options

AWS Training Courses may offer different learning options, including instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and self-paced online learning. This allows participants to choose the learning format that best suits their preferences and schedule.

Curriculum Designed by Experts

1. Introduction to AWS

An overview of AWS cloud computing services, infrastructure, and key concepts.

2. AWS Global Infrastructure

Understanding the AWS global infrastructure, regions, availability zones, and edge locations.

3. Networking in AWS

Covering Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), subnets, routing, security groups, and network ACLs.

4. Compute Services

Learning about Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), EBS (Elastic Block Store), Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), and DynamoDB.

5. Storage and Database Services

Understanding AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), policies, roles, encryption, and best practices for securing AWS resources.

6. Security and Identity Management

Exploring additional AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS OpsWorks.

7. AWS Services for Architecting

Exploring additional AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS OpsWorks.

8. Application Integration and Messaging

Covering AWS messaging services like Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) and Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), as well as event-driven architectures using AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge.

9. Monitoring and Logging

Understanding how to monitor AWS resources using Amazon CloudWatch, creating alarms, and logging with Amazon CloudTrail.

10. High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Architecting for high availability and fault tolerance using AWS services like Amazon Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling.

11. Cost Optimization

Exploring strategies for cost optimization, such as leveraging AWS cost management tools, Reserved Instances, and AWS Well-Architected Framework..

12. Architecting for Performance and Scalability

Designing scalable and performant architectures using AWS services and best practices.

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Program Overview

Key Highlights
  • Interview Opportunities
  • 4+ Hackathons
  • 300+ Hours self-paced learning
  • Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • Multiple hands-on sessions
  • 360 degree Placement Assistance
  • Instructors from top product based companies
  • Flexibility to pause learning and learner join the upcoming batch
  • Support available all days 9 AM - 9 PM IST for queries
  • Career coaching (CV, motivational interviewing)
  • 4+ Practical Hands-on Capstone Project
  • 12 Employability tests for job readiness

Why Choose us for the course?

WebsUtility for your AWS Training Course because of our exceptional track record of delivering high-quality training and certifications. Our experienced instructors provide comprehensive coverage of AWS services, hands-on labs, and real-world scenarios to ensure practical learning. We offer flexible learning options, interactive sessions, and personalized support to meet your specific learning needs. With our proven expertise and commitment to your success, WebsUtility is your trusted partner for mastering AWS and achieving your career goals.

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