Dynamic Website development for N-Level Products and Services

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Dynamic Website development with Unlimited Listings of Products and Services

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Complete Technical Structure with Custom Design

User Module

Section 1: Homepage Design

The homepage will have the following features:

  • Tabs: The categories which will be manageable from the admin panel will serve as the tabs. Mouse over on the categories will list the subcategories. And, on clicking the sub category, the user will be redirected to the Service / Product  listing page.
  • Banners: The banners on the homepage as well as on the inner pages will be manageable from the admin panel.
  • Links
    • Contact Us: On clicking the user will be redirected to contact us form.
    • About Us
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and Conditions
    • FAQs
    • Etc (only content pages)
    • Search: The search functionality will have a textbox to enter a keyword and a dropdown to select the category, sub category. Typing the keyword in the search textbox will show the suggestions as the user types

    Section 2: Service / Product  Listing Page

    The Service / Product  listing will include the following details:

    • Image
    • Title 
    • Short Description
    • View Details (Button)

    Filter: The user will be able to filter the results by category, sub category.

    Clicking the View Details button will redirect the user to the Service / Product ’s detailed description page.

    Section 3: Service / Product  Detailed Description Page

    The Service / Product ’s detailed description page will show the following details about the Service / Product :

    • Image
    • Title 
    • Description
    • Send Enquiry: The user will be able to send the enquiry for the Service / Product  by filling the following form:
    • Full Name (Textbox)
    • Phone Number (Textbox)
    • E-Mail (Textbox)
    • Enquiry (Text area)
    • Send (Button): On clicking the enquiry will be sent to the admin. 

    Section 4: Contact Us

    The Contact Us section will take the user to the page, where the user will have to provide the following details:

    • First Name* (Textbox)
    • Last Name (Textbox)
    • E-Mail* (Textbox)
    • Mobile Number* (Textbox)
    • Enquiry/Comment* (Text area)

    Enquiries posted by the users will be tracked in the back end and the admin can revert back.

    Section 5: Testimonials

    The homepage will have a testimonials section. to add a testimonial, user will provide the following:

    • Name 
    • Email
    • Description 

    Section 6: FAQs

    These sections will have some of the frequently asked questions by the users along with their answers. The questions and answers will be managed from the backend.

    Section 7: Newsletters

    The user will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter Service / Product  by providing his name and e-mail ID.

    Section 8: Other Informative Pages

    Pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc., will be manageable from the backend using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

    Google Analytics Installation and Social Media Links (Twitter, Google+, Facebook)

    Admin Module

    This will be a password protected panel, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a PC or laptop connected to the Internet.

    Section 1: Manage Service / Product  Categories 

    The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate categories and subcategories.

    Section 2: Manage Service / Product s

    The admin will be able to add/edit/delete/active and inactive the Service / Product  details. To add a Service / Product , following fields will be required:

    • Select category and sub category (Dropdowns)
    • Title (Textbox)
    • Image (Upload from disk)
    • Description (Textarea)    

    Section 3: Manage Enquiries

    The admin will be able to track the enquiries posted by the user from the Service / Product  detailed description page. 

    Search: The admin can search for enquiries on the name and email ID of the enquirer.

    Filter: The admin will be able to filter the enquiries on basis of:

    • Category , Sub category 

    Pagination: The order records may span across multiple pages and the admin can set the number of records to be displayed per page.

    Section 4: Manage Banners

    Admin will be able to add new banners or edit, delete, activate, and deactivate existing ones in this section. Adding new banner will require the admin to enter the following details:

    • Banner Title (Textbox)
    • Banner Position (Dropdown)

    If position is homepage

    • Text (Textbox)
    • Banner Image (Upload from local disk)
    • URL (Textbox)

    Section 5: Manage Newsletters

    The admin will be able to track the users subscribed to the newsletter Service / Product . The admin can select one or more subscribers and send a mail to their registered e-mail IDs or delete, activate, or deactivate existing subscribers.

    Section 6: Manage Testimonials

    Admin can edit, delete, activate, and deactivate testimonials in this section. 

    Section 7: Manage FAQs

    The admin will be able to add unlimited FAQs and modify or delete the existing for users’ help.

    Section 8: Manage CMS Pages

    The content for static pages, such as, About Us, Privacy Policy, and Legal Disclaimer can be added or edited using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

    Section 9: Manage Enquiries (Contact Us)

    Any enquiry posted by a visitor on the Contact Us page can be tracked by the admin in this section. Admin will have the control to choose how many records need to be displayed per page. Admin will be able to delete the records, if necessary. Admin can reply to enquiries individually, or select multiple and respond to them with a common answer.

    Section 10: Manage Search Engine Optimization

    Admin of the website will be able to update the Meta tags of the website. If the admin updates the Meta tag of such a page which already has Meta tags, the system will generate a warning message to only change those keywords with which the site is not picked by search engines.

    Section 11: Manage Admin Settings

    Admin will be able to update the password of the admin control panel and the e-mail ID used to dispatch automated mails from the website. The admin will be able to manage the following:

    • Google analytic code
    • Google webmaster code
    • Social media links

    References Dynamic Websites 






    FRONTEND:: https://dltimes.in/client-projects/nodex-demo/

    BACKEND:: https://dltimes.in/client-projects/nodex-demo/sitepanel

    username = admin

    password = Nodex@1215

    Dynamic php Based Web Design Packages

    Particulars Dynamic Starter Dynamic Amateur Dynamic Hunter Dynamic Crazy
    Dynamic Modules / Pages & Links Unlimited pages & 125 Links Unlimited pages & 250 Links Unlimited pages & 425 Links Unlimited pages & 650 Links
    Free Linux Web space / Data Transfer Per Month * 1000 MB / 10000 MB 1000 MB / 10000 MB 1000 MB / 10000 MB 1000 MB / 10000 MB
    Responsive Site Structure Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Client End Admin Console to Modify Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
    One Free Domain (of .com / .in / .co.in extn.) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Google Location Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Formmail / Feedback 1 2 2 2
    Free Open Chat Integration Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Social Bookmark Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Counter / Web Stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Domain Parking Option / Forwarding / Subdomain 1 2 3 3
    Pop3 mails 3 IDs (100mb per ID) 3 IDs (100mb per ID) 3 IDs (100mb per ID) 3 IDs (100mb per ID)
    Auto Responders / Mailing Lists Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Banners / Image Gallery / Background Music  Yes Yes Yes Yes
    YouTube Video Gallery Integration 4 Clips or 12 Minutes 8 Clips or 24 Minutes 12 Clips or 36 Minutes 16 Clips or 48 Minutes
    E-brochure [Same Layout 3 Page] Optional Optional Optional Optional
    FTP A/c 1 1 1 1
    Domain Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Web Hosting Space Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Free Updates 6 Pages in a year 10 Pages in a year 12 Pages in a year  15 Pages in a year

    Price (USD) USD 850 USD 1280 USD 1430 USD 1975

          * Tax is applicable extra as per Govt. norms [Currently 18%]

    • One Free Domain of .com/.net/.org/.co.in extn
    • Free Web Space on Linux Server excluding Database extn. for one year


    • The charges mentioned above are for the first year only. Maintenance/Renewal Charge from Next Year onwards is just 40% of the package rate of the current year.
    • Updates/Maintenance includes only minor changes in Text/Image. Change of design, major changes in site, increase of space, extra pages will be treated as up-gradation. Up-gradation is totally different than update and it’s fully a chargeable matter. The charge of up-gradation is subject to discussion.
    • The Page size will be maximum of 8.5x18 inches (Approx. one and half A4 size Page) long, containing minimum 10pt font size text using “Verdana” font. Page type will be of ".html"/".asp"/".php" - as per the designing requirement.
    • Hosting plans will be allowed to host only the website files but not to use it as FTP Account for storage or file exchange. Unauthorized usage on this account will cause to terminate the order and suspension of account. Any files found not linked with the website will be removed from the server without notice.
    • Totally Customised Individual Design
    • Perfect corporate look.
    • Proper navigation.
    • 99% Network Up-time.
    • Updates throughout the year.
    • POP / IMAP / SMTP / Webmail Access
    • Exclusive WEB STATS for our customers to help tracking their visitors and business trend.
    • The 'Package Rates' are inclusive of all charges (Domain, Space, Designing, Hosting, Maintenance)
    • e-Mail and Phone support for 9 AM-9 PM IST info@websutility.com
    • Duration: After Project Acceptance 25 Days
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