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Why Choose Custom eCommerce Development?

The meticulous customization offers users a streamlined journey from product discovery to checkout. In turn, you will convert more of your ideal traffic into loyal, high-value customers that keep coming back. In eCommerce, the details matter. Custom development gets those details right.

  • Tailored design for intuitive, seamless shopping journeys
  • Precise integrations and features to match your business needs
  • Custom look-and-feel that accurately reflects your image
  • Built to allow quick, affordable expansion and enhancements
  • Full ownership and control rather than ongoing licensing fees
  • Specialized sites stand out, build trust, and attract customers

How We Help Businesses With Our Custom eCommerce Development?

As reputable custom eCommerce website development company, we build powerful websites for businesses of every dimension and enable them to gain competitive edge in their market.

Superior Experiences

We craft intuitive user journeys that engage customers and drive sales.

Strategic Functionality

We build custom features aligned with each business's specific operational needs.

Brand Alignment

Our tailored designs accurately reflect and strengthen brand identities.

Future Growth

We create scalable sites that allow affordable expansion as needs change.

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  • Hassle-free setup & management
  • Fully customizable
  • Lifetime license, No recurring fee
  • Robust admin & reporting features
  • 12 months FREE technical support
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Webs Utility Global |B2B diamond trading platform | Malaysia

UNI Diamonds

1st Online B2B Diamonds Trading Marketplace

Powered by Yo!Kart

Being the UNI Diamonds technology partner, Webs Utility’s team of experts created a multi-vendor diamond trading website and mobile application that brought multiple vendors & buyers over the same platform.

Our Custom eCommerce Website Development Process

Our team applies its innovative prowess to build solutions that optimally fulfil all your business needs.

Webs Utility Global |Online Business Analysis| Malaysia

Business Analysis

An immersive analysis of your business, brand and goals. Evaluating processes, infrastructure, audience, competitors and objectives. Gaining comprehensive insight into your operations and target market. Laying the crucial foundation for a tailored, conversion-driven eCommerce solution.

Webs Utility Global | Infrastructure & Architecture| Malaysia

Infrastructure & Architecture

Designing robust infrastructure tailored to your needs and growth projections. Configuring servers, databases and frameworks for optimal speed, security and scalability. Crafting a stable, redundant architecture to handle traffic surges. Building a clean, well-documented foundation that enables long-term maintenance and affordable expansion.

Webs Utility Global | Custom eCommerce Design & Development | Malaysia

Design & Development

Our design process focuses on creating an intuitive, attractive user experience that aligns with brand identity. During development, we use modern frameworks to build in desired functionality and seamless workflows. The site is optimized for speed, security, and conversion at every stage. We iterate through testing and feedback to refine the design and build a polished, impactful custom eCommerce website.

Webs Utility Global | Software Testing & Growth | Malaysia

Testing & Growth

Rigorous testing validates site functionality, UX, and performance before launch. Post-launch, we monitor analytics to identify opportunities for improvement. Our ongoing support and maintenance ensure the site adapts to emerging technologies and changing business needs. We provide expertise to help eCommerce businesses continually test and optimize to drive traffic, increase conversion rates, and support growth over time.

Technology We Work On

Every eCommerce development platform offers some unique functionalities. To make sure that our clients get their eCommerce store built on the technology they believe in, we offer our expertise in all the major eCommerce website platforms on the market.

E-commerce Website Design Packages

Custom ecommerce website design based on client inputs and brand style

Verified documentation for the full development process

Robust features: customized user/admin modules, responsive design, integrated security

Section 1: Homepage Design

The homepage will have the following features:

  • Hero banner - Attractive banner with image/text conveying brand story.
  • Top navigation menu - Links to main site sections.
  • Category listings - Display of main product categories to browse.
  • Register and Login/My Account and Logout
  • Featured/top products - Highlight best-selling/promoted items.
  • Promotions section - Time-limited deals and coupon codes.
  • Search bar - Enables keyword product search.
  • Sorting/filters - Refine product listings.
  • Product recommendations - Suggested items based on purchases.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Reviews/testimonials - Builds trust and social proof.
  • Footer - Links to key pages like Contact, About Us, Account.

Section 2: Products Listing

The Products listing will include the following details:

  • Search/filter bar - Quickly find products and refine results.
  • Category navigation menu - Browse products by category.
  • Sorting options - Sort products A-Z, price, etc.
  • Product image - Main visual display of product.
  • Title and description - Identify the product and highlights.
  • Price - Clear display of price and available offers.
  • Variants - Choices for size, color, style etc.
  • Buy button - Add to cart/buy now option.
  • Comparison tool - View product side-by-side.
  • Recommendations - Suggested complementary or alternative items.

Section 3: Products Detailed Description Page

The Products’s detailed description page will show the following details about the Products:

  • Product name/title - Identify the product.
  • High-quality images - Show product from all angles.
  • Price - State current price and any discounts.
  • Key details - Size, materials, manufacture, etc.
  • Full description - Elaborate on features and benefits.
  • Options - Available sizes, colors, styles, etc.
  • Add to cart button - Enable easy purchase.
  • Quantity selector - Choose number of items to purchase.
  • Shipping details - Provide estimated delivery timeframe.
  • Recommendations - Suggest complementary or alternative products.
  • Add to Favorite

Section 4: Shopping Cart

Shop Online Easily with Our User-Friendly Cart

Our website makes shopping a breeze with our convenient cart system.
on every page, our cart lets you:

  • View product images to confirm selections
  • Edit order quantities on the fly
  • See current price and discounted price for each item
  • Calculate total cost based on quantities
  • Remove products easily
  • Update your cart with one click
  • Remove From Cart (Button)
  • View total amount due
  • Check out quickly with or without an account

Our cart is designed for maximum usability. Find your desired products and checkout in just minutes!

Registering an account with us comes with perks like saved payment methods and shipping addresses. But guests can also checkout seamlessly without registration.

Section 5: Checkout

Streamlined Checkout for Members and Guests

We make completing your purchase easy, whether you have an account or are checking out as a guest.

Member Checkout

  • Log in seamlessly
  • Saved addresses auto-populate for faster checkout
  • Review shipping address and edit if needed
  • Confirm order summary before payment
  • Securely pay through our integrated payment system
  • View invoice online or print a copy
  • Order confirmation emailed with invoice

Your default address is saved on your first purchase for even easier checkout on future orders.

Guest Checkout

  • Check out easily without registration
  • Enter email and shipping/billing details
  • Review order summary before payment
  • Securely pay through our integrated payment system
  • View invoice online or print a copy
  • Order confirmation emailed with invoice

We optimize guest checkout for fast, frustration-free purchasing without needing an account.

Our streamlined checkout for members and guests gets your order completed in just minutes! Checkout seamlessly every time.

Section 6: Member Registration

Join Our Community with Easy Registration

Registering an account with us comes with great benefits like faster checkout, order tracking, and special discounts. Signing up is quick and simple too.

Our registration form requires:

  • First and last name
  • Mobile number
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Secure password
  • Login Info

We also collect:

  • Newsletter preferences - stay up to date with our latest news and offers
  • Agreement to our terms and conditions - we value your trust and transparency

Section 7: Member Folder

Member Profile for Convenient Account Management

Our secure member profile area allows you to easily manage your account details, track orders, and more.

Key Features:

  • Addresses - Save and edit shipping addresses for faster checkout.
  • Order History - Check order statuses and view invoices. Filter by date range.
  • Favorites - View products you've added to your favorites list.
  • Change Password - Update your account password securely.

With your profile, you get a centralized hub to review past purchases, modify account details, and monitor any outstanding orders.

The order history section empowers you to track the status of your purchases 24/7. And saved addresses autofill during checkout for a streamlined purchasing experience.

Our member profile offers easy, self-service account management. Access your details, favorites, order history, and more in one convenient place. Sign up today!

Section 8: Contact Us

Get in Touch - We're Here to Help

Have a question or need assistance? Our Contact Us page makes it easy to reach out.

To get help from our customer support team, simply provide:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Detailed enquiry/comment

We'll receive your message and respond as soon as possible. You'll also receive updates on your inquiry's status by email.

Our priority is ensuring every customer has a positive experience. We're committed to listening to your needs and resolving any issues promptly.

Don't hesitate to use our Contact Us form for:

  • Product/service questions
  • Order support
  • Returns/exchanges
  • Feedback

We value open communication with our customers above all else. Reach out to us for anything - big or small. We're always here to help.

Section 9: FAQs

FAQ System - Reduce Customer Service Tickets

We will implement an extensive, searchable FAQ system that allows your customers to self-serve answers to common questions about:

  • Ordering, payment, shipping
  • Returns, exchanges, refunds
  • Account issues
  • Product details

Benefits for your business:

  • Lower customer service workload
  • Faster resolution of common inquiries
  • Improved customer satisfaction

We will pre-populate FAQs with common questions and monitor new inquiries to keep adding to it. This ensures customers can quickly find the information they need independently.

Section10: Testimonials

Showcase Customer Feedback

We will implement a testimonials system where customers can submit and manage reviews. Includes:

  • Name, email, and feedback fields
  • Moderation system to review before publishing
  • Testimonials displayed publicly to build trust


  • Showcases real customer experiences
  • Provides authenticity and credibility
  • Encourages purchases from new customers

We will optimize and highlight positive feedback for SEO. Testimonials boost conversion rates by up to 34% by establishing social proof.

Section 11: Newsletters

Keep Customers Engaged

We will implement a newsletter subscription system where customers can sign up to receive regular updates from your business.


  • Name and email signup fields
  • Customizable email templates
  • Schedule and automate campaigns


  • Keep customers engaged with product updates, promotions, etc.
  • Drive repeat purchases and loyalty
  • Segment subscribers for targeted messaging

Our team will handle setup, templates, and integration with your email service provider. Newsletters are a proven way to boost retention and sales.

Section 12: Other Informative Pages

CMS for Informative Pages

  • User-friendly CMS to manage About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Easy editing and formatting capabilities
  • SEO-optimized default content
  • Site search integration to help customers find info


  • Easily make updates anytime
  • Keep customers informed
  • Promote trust and transparency
  • Improve brand voice consistency

We will implement an intuitive CMS so you can effortlessly manage informative pages that resonate with your brand. This strengthens your customer relationships and satisfaction.

Google Analytics Installation Social Media Links

Admin Dashboard

  • Password protected dashboard to manage all platform features and content.
  • Accessible anywhere via web browser.
  • Functionalities include:

Analytics Integration

  • Connect Google Analytics to track traffic, sales, conversions.

Social Media

  • Manage links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Content Manager

  • Update product listings, images, descriptions, pricing.

Order Management

  • View and manage orders, shipping, inventory.

User Management

  • Administer customer accounts and profiles.

The admin module enables you to fully control and optimize your ecommerce platform. We'll build a powerful, easy-to-use dashboard tailored to your business needs.

Section 1: Manage Members


  • View and search member profiles and order history
  • Activate, deactivate, or delete members
  • Control number of members displayed per page
  • Deactivated members blocked from login


  • Maintain member database
  • Moderate activity as needed
  • Protect security of platform
  • Gain insights into customer behavior

We will build an intuitive interface to manage your member accounts - a key aspect of optimizing the customer experience and protecting your ecommerce business.

Section 2: Manage Categories and Products


  • Add, edit, delete, activate/deactivate categories and products
  • Required product fields: ID, name, pricing, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Set product labels like "New Arrival"
  • Search/filter products by ID, name, category, type, date
  • Categorize products, manage inventory


  • Complete control over product catalog
  • Optimize product SEO and merchandising
  • Maintain organized structure
  • Gain insights into sales trends

We will implement an easy yet powerful interface to manage your product catalog - the backbone of an optimized, search-friendly ecommerce platform.

Section 3: Manage Types

Manage Product Types Includes:

  • Add, edit, delete product type categories
  • Activate/deactivate type categories
  • Upload logos for each type


  • Organize products into customizable types
  • Display relevant logos on product listings
  • Optimize product taxonomy and site architecture

The product type management system allows you full control over your ecommerce catalog structure. We will implement an intuitive interface tailored to your merchandise and taxonomy needs.

Section 4: Manage Color and Size


  • Add, edit, delete, activate/deactivate color and size options
  • Assign colors and sizes to products


  • Customizable color and size filters for customers
  • Improve product organization and searchability
  • Optimize merchandise taxonomy

The color and size management functionality enables you to completely configure your product variables. We will build an easy-to-use system tailored to your catalog's specific color and size needs.

Section 5: Manage Orders

The orders dashboard enables the admin to manage and track all placed orders. Key features include:

  • Search orders by ID or buyer email
  • Filter orders by status, location and date
  • Edit order details like payment and status
  • Paginated view for easy record navigation
  • Optimized for search engines with relevant keywords (e.g. orders, ecommerce, tracking)
  • Clear headings and descriptive text improve site content and structure
  • Dashboard provides user-friendly interface to oversee all orders

The updated content highlights the main functionalities and uses relevant ecommerce keywords. The clear headings and structure make it easy to find and digest the information for both admins and search engines.

Section 6: Manage Banners

The banners dashboard allows the admin to easily manage all website banners. Key features include:

  • Add new banners with title, image, URL and position
  • Edit or delete existing banners
  • Activate or deactivate banners
  • Set homepage text for banner
  • Upload banner images from local device
  • Deactivated banners won't display publicly
  • Optimized content for keywords like "banners", "images", "promotions"
  • Clear structure and headers for better SEO
  • User-friendly interface to manage all banners

The concise copy highlights the main functionalities related to managing banners while using relevant ecommerce keywords. The clear page structure and descriptive headings make it easy to navigate and index by search engines.

Section 7: Manage CMS Pages

The CMS dashboard provides an intuitive interface to manage static page content like About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service. Key features:

  • Create, edit, delete CMS pages
  • SEO-optimized page titles, headers, and content
  • Relevant keywords for each static page type
  • Easy WYSIWYG editor to update page content
  • Preview changes before publishing
  • User-friendly CMS to manage all static pages
  • Optimized for search with keywords like "content management", "static pages", "legal pages"
  • Structured content and clear page names for improved SEO

The updated copy covers the main CMS functionality while optimizing page content itself through relevant keywords, clear naming conventions, and easy-to-digest structure.

Section 8: Manage Enquiries (Contact Us)

  • Track and manage all contact form enquiries
  • Admin controls records per page
  • Reply to individual or multiple enquiries
  • Delete enquiry records if needed
  • Optimized with keywords like "contact", "enquiries", "customer service"
  • Structured content for SEO
  • User-friendly interface to manage all enquiries
  • Enables prompt communication with customers

Section 9: Manage FAQs

  • Add, edit, delete unlimited FAQs
  • Optimized content with keywords like "FAQ", "frequently asked questions", "help"
  • Structured FAQs for easy navigation
  • User-friendly interface to manage all FAQs
  • Enables self-serve customer help

Section 10: Manage Newsletters

  • View and manage newsletter subscribers
  • Search subscribers by email
  • Delete subscriber records
  • Preview and send emails to all or selected subscribers
  • Paginated display for easy navigation
  • Optimized for keywords like "newsletter", "email", "subscriptions"
  • Structured content for improved SEO
  • User-friendly interface to manage subscriptions
  • Enable targeted email marketing campaigns

Section 11: Manage Testimonials

  • Manage customer testimonials
  • Edit, delete, activate/deactivate
  • Optimized with keywords like "testimonials", "reviews", "customer feedback"
  • Structured content for improved SEO
  • User-friendly interface to manage testimonials
  • Enable social proof and build trust

Section 12: Manage Search Engine Optimization

The SEO dashboard enables full control over site metadata to boost search rankings. Key features:

  • Edit page titles, descriptions, keywords
  • Metadata manager for easy optimization
  • Warning system prevents over-optimization
  • Track search engine crawl stats
  • User-friendly tools to optimize SEO
  • Improve site visibility and traffic
  • Regular metadata updates for maximum rankings

Section 13: Manage Admin Settings

The admin settings dashboard enables full control over core functions like:

  • Update admin password and email
  • Manage Google Analytics and Webmaster tools
  • Set social media links
  • Control site SEO and marketing
  • User-friendly interface to customize backend
  • Optimize site tracking and analytics
  • Integrate social media presence
  • Custom admin settings for maximum control

Custom eCommerce website design enhances user experience and conversions. Our tailored packages deliver optimal designs to attract traffic and boost sales. We provide eCommerce businesses with high value website design focused on:

  • Unique and engaging user experience
  • Optimized design to drive conversions
  • Increased website traffic and sales
  • Tailored packages for eCommerce needs
  • Dedicated ecommerce design services
  • Best value for money web design

Small Store

Design Package

Mid-Size Store

Design Package

Large Store

Design Package


Features Small Business Mid-Size Business Large Business
Number of Pages 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Responsive Design
Custom Homepage
WIIFM (What's in it for me)?? We will clearly highlight the reasons that why visitors on your website should buy from you..
Clear CTAs(call-to-action)
Deliverables PSDs, HTML Pages PSDs, HTML Pages PSDs, HTML Pages

*Some open source or pre developed animations like image gallery, slide shows, menus etc. can be implemented. Acceptance of any custom animation development or any changes into ready jQuery scripts will be discussed and accepted for additional charge.

Few of E-commerce Websites Designed by Webs Utility

Why Choose Webs Utility?

As a top eCommerce website development company, Webs Utility delivers robust, high-performing online stores through:

  • Industry expertise in ecommerce solutions
  • Following best practices for development
  • Creating optimized sites for conversions
  • Developing secure, scalable platforms
  • Building powerful features for sales
  • Crafting tailored ecommerce experiences
  • Satisfied global clientele
  • End-to-end ecommerce services


We have a wide range of eCommerce solutions that are developed with the best coding standards. Our products can be customized to meet market trends and your specific business needs.


We adopt agile methodology to develop ecommerce solutions for various businesses. We continue to optimize and keep up with changing market dynamics to offer you the best in the class solutions.


Our team has the latest technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the ecommerce industry. We develop ecommerce solutions with high quality and optimum standards.

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