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Why Choose Custom eCommerce Development?

In today's fiercely competitive eCommerce market, having a bland website is as good as having no website. It takes the marketing know-how and the technical expertise to build a custom website that converts your website visitors into loyal customers.

  • Focus on brand building to help stand out in the competitive market
  • fulfil multi-disciplinary business requirements with custom features and functionalities
  • Conversion-friendly features that attract web traffic and increase sales
  • Capitalize on up sell opportunities and acquire rapid digital growth
  • Easily integrate third-party systems such as CRM and multiple payment gateways
  • Run an eCommerce store built with buyer-centric approach and equipped with easy-to-operate admin panel

How We Help Businesses With Our Custom eCommerce Development?

As reputable custom eCommerce website development company, we build powerful websites for businesses of every dimension and enable them to gain competitive edge in their market.

Customization Capabilities

We deliver eCommerce marketplaces that are completely customizable so that they can evolve in the near future and accommodate the brand’s vision and growth plans.

Deep Expertise

Having delivered hundreds of eCommerce stores, our expertise lies in creating an eCommerce marketplace that generate sales, improves traffic, and fosters engagement.

Superior Technology

Modern-day shoppers want unique experiences. We are helping companies create and deliver the same through powerful out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions.

Mobile Dominant

With their fluid design, our custom ecommerce solutions dominate desktops as well as smartphones.

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  • Hassle-free setup & management
  • Fully customizable
  • Lifetime license, No recurring fee
  • Robust admin & reporting features
  • 12 months FREE technical support
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Webs Utility Global |B2B diamond trading platform | Malaysia

UNI Diamonds

1st Online B2B Diamonds Trading Marketplace

Powered by Yo!Kart

Being the UNI Diamonds technology partner, Webs Utility’s team of experts created a multi-vendor diamond trading website and mobile application that brought multiple vendors & buyers over the same platform.

Our Custom eCommerce Website Development Process

Our team applies its innovative prowess to build solutions that optimally fulfil all your business needs.

Webs Utility Global |Online Business Analysis| Malaysia

Business Analysis

Our experts look at your plan of action and gain an extensive comprehension of your custom eCommerce site prerequisites. With due thought to the current market patterns and the common client conduct, a noteworthy system is defined to assist you with picking the right methodology and stage for your eCommerce site.

Webs Utility Global | Infrastructure & Architecture| Malaysia

Infrastructure & Architecture

Once the consultation phase is over, our experts set about defining the infrastructure of your website. This involves framing the back-end and front end requirements. We employ the best practices to optimize the infrastructure, development, maintenance and performance of your website. Finally, time and cost estimates are specified to complete the project.

Webs Utility Global | Custom eCommerce Design & Development | Malaysia

Design & Development

Once the proposal is approved, we initiate the design and development of your custom eCommerce website. While keeping the target audience's needs in mind, our designers create one or more prototypes of your website. Constant feedback is sought from the client. Once everything looks good the prototypes are applied to develop a functional website.

Webs Utility Global | Software Testing & Growth | Malaysia

Testing & Growth

In the testing stage, attention is given to the finer details of your custom website. Various tests are run to check the functionality of forms and scripts and compatibility is checked across all the recent browser versions. Regular maintenance, upgrades and optimizations are carried out to keep the website performing at its best.

Technology We Work On

Every eCommerce development platform offers some unique functionalities. To make sure that our clients get their eCommerce store built on the technology they believe in, we offer our expertise in all the major eCommerce website platforms on the market.

Ecommerce Website Design Packages

Verified Technical and Financial Document

NOTE: Design WIll be Custom as per clients Inputs.

User Module

Section 1: Homepage Design

The homepage will have the following features:

  • Tabs: The categories—which will be manageable from the admin panel—will serve as the tabs. Mouse over on the categories will list the subcategories. On clicking category/subcategory the Products will be displayed.
  • Banners: The banners on the homepage as well as on the inner pages will be manageable from the admin panel.
  • Links
  • Register and Login/My Account and Logout
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Etc.(only content pages)
  • Search: The search functionality will have a textbox to enter a keyword and dropdowns to select the category and sub category.

Section 2: Products Listing

The Products listing will include the following details:

  • Image
  • Products Name
  • Type Name
  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Color
  • Size

Filter: The user will be able to filter the results by category, Type, color and size and price range.

Clicking the View Details button will redirect the user to the Products’s detailed description page.

Section 3: Products Detailed Description Page

The Products’s detailed description page will show the following details about the Products:

  • Products Image
  • Products Name
  • Type Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Color
  • Size
  • Buttons
  • Print
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Favorite

Section 4: Shopping Cart

A link to the shopping cart will be present on every page of the website to facilitate one-click access. The shopping cart will show the following details about the Products added:

  • Image
  • Products Name
  • Order Quantity (Textbox; to allow the user to change the quantity)
  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Products’s Total Price (Depending upon the quantity)
  • Remove From Cart (Button)
  • Other than the Products details, the following options will also be available:
  • Update Cart (Button)

Total Amount Payable (For all the Products in the cart)

  • Checkout (Button)
  • Checkout as Guest (Button)

Clicking the Checkout button will allow the user to proceed with checkout. The Guest Checkout option will allow him to place the order without registration/login.

Section 5: Checkout

Once the user proceeds with the checkout, he will be redirected to the login page if not already logged in. The page will also have the option to checkout as guest to avoid the process of registration.

Member Checkout

The member will have to login. After providing the credentials, the address will be required to enter. If the address is saved in the address member folder, that will be fetched automatically. The member will still be able to make changes to the address.

After verifying the address, the member will be shown the order summary

before proceeding with the payment.

Note: If the address is not saved in the member’s folder, then the address entered by the member will be automatically saved as default address for future purchases.

After verifying the order, the member will be redirected to the payment gateway to make the payment.

After a successful payment, the member will be shown on the invoice, which he can print or view later in the Order History section of the member folder. The order details will also be sent to the registered email ID.

Guest Checkout

The visitor will be required to enter the email ID and provide the shipping and billing addresses. The visitor will be shown the order summary before proceeding with making the payment.

After confirmation of the order, the visitor will be redirected to the payment gateway for making the payment.

After a successful payment, the visitor will see the invoice. The visitor will have the option to print the invoice. An email will also be sent to the buyer’s e-mail ID containing the order details and the invoice.

Note: The Payment system will be provided by the client and integrated by Us

Section 6: Member Registration

The member registration form will include the following fields:

  • Personal Info
  • First Name (Textbox)
  • Last Name (Textbox)
  • Mobile Number (Textbox)
  • Gender
  • Login Info
  • E-Mail ID (Textbox)
  • Password (Textbox)
  • Confirm Password (Textbox)
  • Other Info
  • Sign Up for Newsletter (Checkbox)
  • Terms and Conditions (Checkbox)

Section 7: Member Folder

The member folder will have the following sections:

  • Address
  • Favorite Products
  • Order History
  • Change Password


The member will be able to edit the address and save the details for a faster checkout process.

Order History

The order history section will allow the member to track the orders placed in the past. The member will be able to view the following information for each order placed:

  • Order ID (Clicking the Order ID will open the invoice for detailed information)
  • Date of Purchase

Amount Paid

  • Order Status (Pending, Shipped, Delivered, In Transit, etc.)

Filter: The member will be able to filter the orders placed between two dates.

Favorite Products

The Products added to favorites will be listed here.

Change Password

In this section, the member will be able to change the password by providing the current password, the new password, and retyping the new password.

Section 8: Contact Us

The Contact Us section will take the user to the page, where the user will have to provide the following details:

  • First Name* (Textbox)
  • Last Name (Textbox)
  • E-Mail* (Textbox)
  • Mobile Number* (Textbox)
  • Enquiry/Comment* (Text area)

Enquiries posted by the users will be tracked in the back end and the admin can revert back.

Section 9: FAQs

These sections will have some of the frequently asked questions by the users along with their answers. The questions and answers will be managed from the backend.

Section10: Testimonials

The homepage will have testimonials section. to add a testimonial, user will provide the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Description

Section 11: Newsletters

The user will be able to subscribe from the newsletter service by providing his name and email ID.

Section 12: Other Informative Pages

Pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.will be manageable from the backend using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Google Analytics Installation Social Media Links

Admin Module

This will be a password protected panel, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a PC or laptop connected to the Internet.

Section 1: Manage Members

Admin can view the details of the registered members. Admin will be able to select one or more members and activate, deactivate, or delete them. Deactivated members will not be able to login to their account. The records will be spread across pages and the admin can decide the number of records that need to be shown per page.

Admin will be able to search for members based on their name or e-mail ID and also view the order history for any member.

Section 2: Manage Categories and Products

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate categories, subcategories, and Products.

To add a Products, the following information will be required:

  • Category and Subcategory (Dropdown)
  • Products ID (Textbox)
  • Choose Type (Dropdown)
  • Name (Textbox)
  • Price (Textbox)
  • Color (Dropdown)
  • Size (Dropdown)
  • Discounted Price (Textbox)
  • Description (CMS)

The admin will be able to set/unset the Products as Hot, New Arrivals and Featured.

Search: The admin will be able to search Products on the basis of Products ID and Products Name.

Filter: The admin can filter the Products on the basis of categories and subcategories, Types and date of posting.

Section 3: Manage Types

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate Type names and their logos.

Section 4: Manage Color and Size

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate colors and sizes.

Section 5: Manage Orders

The orders placed from the frontend will be tracked in this section. The admin will be able to edit the payment status and the order status for the orders placed. The admin can search for orders using the order ID or the e-mail ID of the buyer.

Filter: The admin can filter the records on the basis of their order status, state and city, and date of posting of order.

Pagination: The order records may span across multiple pages and the admin can set the number of records to be displayed per page.

Section 6: Manage Banners

Admin will be able to add new banners or edit, delete, activate, and deactivate existing ones in this section. Adding new banner will require the admin to enter the following details:

  • Banner Title (Textbox)
  • Banner Position (Dropdown)
  • Banner Image (Upload from local disk)
  • URL (Textbox)

If the position is homepage Text (Textbox)

Deactivated banners will not appear in the frontend.

Section 7: Manage CMS Pages

The content for static pages, such as, About Us, Privacy Policy, and Legal Disclaimer can be added or edited using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Section 8: Manage Enquiries (Contact Us)

Any enquiry posted by a visitor on the Contact Us page can be tracked by the admin in this section. Admin will have the control to choose how many records need to be displayed per page. Admin will be able to delete the records, if necessary. Admin can reply to enquiries individually, or select multiple and respond to them with a common answer.

Section 9: Manage FAQs

The admin will be able to add unlimited FAQs and modify or delete the existing for users’ help.

Section 10: Manage Newsletters

Admin will be able to view a list of email IDs of the members subscribed to the newsletter service. The records will be displayed in pages and the admin will be able to set the number of listings to be displayed per page. Admin will be able to perform a search for subscribers based on their email IDs and also delete subscriber records from the database.

The admin can preview the mail before it is sent and send mail to either all the subscribers or only the ones selected.

Section 11: Manage Testimonials

Admin can edit, delete, activate, and deactivate testimonials in this section.

Section 12: Manage Search Engine Optimization

Admin of the website will be able to update the Meta tag’s of the website. If admin update the keywords, Meta tag of such a page which already has Meta tags, the system will generate a warning message to only change those keywords with which the site is not picked by search engines.

Section 13: Manage Admin Settings

Admin will be able to update the password for the admin control panel and the e- mail ID used to dispatch automated mails from website. The admin will be able to manage the following:

  • Google analytic code
  • Google webmaster code
  • Social media links

Making Custom Theme Development – Worth an Investment

eCommerce websites are geared towards elevated user experience & higer conversion – thus, have different design requirements. With that in mind, we offer dedicated ecommerce website design packages with design implementations to attract more traffic & boost sales. As a website design company, we offer eCommerce businesses the best value for money.

Small Store

Design Package

Mid-Size Store

Design Package

Large Store

Design Package


Features Small Business Mid-Size Business Large Business
Number of Pages 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Responsive Design
Custom Homepage
WIIFM (What's in it for me)?? We will clearly highlight the reasons that why visitors on your website should buy from you..
Clear CTAs(call-to-action)
Deliverables PSDs, HTML Pages PSDs, HTML Pages PSDs, HTML Pages

*Some open source or pre developed animations like image gallery, slide shows, menus etc. can be implemented. Acceptance of any custom animation development or any changes into ready jQuery scripts will be discussed and accepted for additional charge.

Few of Ecommerce Websites Designed by Webs Utility

Why Choose Webs Utility?

As a leading eCommerce website development company, we follow best industry practices to develop robust and powerful eCommerce solutions for our global clientele


We have a wide range of eCommerce solutions that are developed with the best coding standards. Our products can be customized to meet market trends and your specific business needs.


We adopt agile methodology to develop ecommerce solutions for various businesses. We continue to optimize and keep up with changing market dynamics to offer you the best in the class solutions.


Our team has the latest technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the ecommerce industry. We develop ecommerce solutions with high quality and optimum standards.

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