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Elections are an important part of every economy. An election management software development can help political parties effectively create and manage their campaigns, allow people to vote in a systematic manner and ensure that there are no fraudulent activities. If you are looking for a software solution to help with upcoming elections, we get to connect you with the right developer for all your election software development needs. Websutility is a prominent name in the software development industry, providing efficient development services to clients for over 10 years now.

Salient Qualities Of Our Election Management System Portal

  • We provide Cloud base Solution for Real-Time Integration
  • We build application that helps to Monitor Each Booth
  • We provide Mobile App is easy to use so any person with knowledge of WhatsApp or Facebook can handle it very easily. our Election Management Software will cover a complete booth level access control so only Authorised person can see or edit their Booth Data
  • We express a concept of Booth Incharge and Line Incharge that can be collected, saved and searched later on when needed. our Election Management System Portal User can also handle every voter by identifying and entering info such as Voter's
  • You can access all the data, which will be available 24X7 and can be accessed from anywhere by using the Internet.
  • We also build Mobile App for Booth Manager, hence no extra Hardware Cost

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Different Features that we add in our election
management system portal

Election Management Software | Webs Utility Global

Helps Build Awareness

Build awareness about your party using our Election tracking tool, by sending bulk email, Bulk Whatsapp, Bulk SMS, Voice Blaster Campaign. Broadcast unlimited emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Voice call on your voter data lists to increase turnout at media events, increase donations, and even rebut last minute attack ads. Personalized political emails ,SMS, WhatsApp & Voice Call, can also raise awareness on key political issues keeping your constituents informed.

Election Management Software | Webs Utility Global

Social Media Campaign

The election software is the leading political and social research unit. With dedicated social researchers with India. Election Management Software Political and Socially is specially placed in any environmentalist to research on any social issue.

Election Management Software | Webs Utility Global

Pre-Poll Survey

Election Management Software supports all types of survey modes in different languages for all types of fields. you got great expertise in matching the voter’s requirement to receive updates from our online survey. Give you accurate analytical data on dashboard & Reports a way to produce and manage interactive and engaging online surveys. When it comes to data,analysis and reporting suits enable you to complete the information that matters.

  • Creation and management of a database of voters, including their personal and contact details, addresses, email ids, caste details, family members, etc.
  • Create and manage the list of volunteers including details.
  • Creation of new campaigns.
  • Assigning of voters to respective volunteers according to their region and other categories.
  • Communication with voters including messages and emails recording and management.
  • Transferring of voters from one volunteer to another.
  • Check the voting (election) status in real-time through a pie chart to see which voters have voted and which ones have not.
  • Registration/ Login for Volunteers.
  • Management and recording of voters in an excel sheet format by volunteers.
  • Scheduling of meetings for voters.
  • Daily reporting of voters.
  • Manage voter data based on their voting preference for a particular election campaign.
  • Communication with voters through bulk SMS and mail.
  • Recording the presence of voters at the election booth through laptop-compatible software version.
  • Checking and managing the voting status of their allotted voters.
  • Management of social media campaigns of your political campaign.

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With an incessant culture of client service and satisfaction, our cogent partnership offers an agile development approach, enriching your software with a modern yet stellar user experience. See for yourself how we solve business problems with the quantitative approach using Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics services.

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