Email Marketing for brand

Making resourceful innovation answers for engage business people and new companies; subsequently, empowering them to serve their clients better. To put resources into thoughts that will venture up the online business game in future and to work with business people to advance the way of life of learning and joint effort in the business world..

Email Marketing In Delhi, India

Email marketing nowadays is required as everyday people receive over 1,000 marketing messages in order to make your business Email stand out of the crowd definitely task however by availing email Marketing Solution you can easily and get your target audience and spread business message in the most cost effective manner.

Steps to be followed: Troubleshooting

  • Email Lists: Build organic lists
  • List Segmentation: Create relevant segments
  • Email Subject Line: Write intriguing subject lines
  • Email Design and Layout: Use the right design elements
  • Content and Copy: Create personalized and targeted content
  • Landing Pages: Team up your emails with right landing pages
  • Email Testing: Test rigorously before sending emails
  • Email Automation: Plan automated emails for your campaign
  • Unsubscribe/Set Preferences: Make the unsubscribe option evidently

Email Tracking: Track and measure performance metrics

  • A. Verified Domain Data: 8000 INR (Each Year) OR
    B. Google Map Data: 4000 INR (Monthly for Unlimited Data) Pls suggest: you can select A or B or A & B BOTH AS WELL

  • Content Writing: 800 INR per EMAILER: Total Emailer 22: 800*22= 17600 INR

  • Create HTML design Emailer: 1200 INR per EMAILER: Total Emailer 22: 1200*22= 26400 INR
  • A. Email Marketing tool cost: 5398 INR FOR 10,000 subscribers Mail-chimp OR B. Email Marketing tool cost: 11,743 INR FOR 10,000 subscribers Get Response>

  • Email marketing MANAGEMENT COST: 35000 per month Pls note: AFTER three-month cost will be: 20,000 per month since initially more man powers will be invested to SET-UP the CAMPAIGN

  • TOTAL TIME FRAME 3 MONTHS. PLS NOTE: Total cost may vary after your SELECTION of OPTIONS A OR B in point number 1&4.
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