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Webs Utility successfully serves Energy, Oil & Gas, and Utility companies innovating their public service infrastructure through developing custom solutions.


As technology evolves and energy infrastructure becomes more complex, the need to optimize energy generation and consumption becomes more significant than ever. Webs Utility helps utility companies, energy equipment manufacturers, and energy software providers create scalable software products that provide full control over energy distribution. We develop comprehensive solutions to monitor the performance of power transmission equipment and ensure efficient utilities use in private houses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

Grasp the Power of Software Development in this field:

Empower your employees with customized energy and utility solutions to provide personalized service, connect your infrastructure, and transform the way you manage assets. When you partner with Jelvix for energy software development, you get the following services to help you meet or exceed your goals:

  • Energy management systems
  • Data analytics platforms
  • Asset management solutions for energy
  • Mobile workforce management software

Utilities Software Development

Within the world of business many companies will either fit into B2C or B2B. Some may even do both. When it comes to those focusing on B2C it’s important to look the different strategies you can deploy to generate leads for your business.

  • 01.

    Increase reliability and security
    Today’s regulators and customers demand reliability and security. Increase both with data analytics and other technology like sensors that help you monitor real-time performance and risks.
  • 02.

    Drive capital and operational efficiency
    Use the benefits of digitalization to drive capital and operational efficiency. Technology helps you monitor and manage operations and assets to their fullest extent with the least effort, time, and cost.
  • 03.

    Meet strict industry regulations
    Energy companies and utilities must comply with changing regularities and norms. An innovative utilities software development project can increase your compliance, reducing costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses associated with industry regulations.
  • 04.

    Optimize resource consumption
    Get an experienced dedicated team of programmers and more to help you develop custom systems to monitor your energy usage and efficiency in real-time. Analyze data from multiple sources to make better business decisions and optimize performance.
  • 05.

    Gain business flexibility and agility
    Harness the power of data and technology in an end-to-end solution comprising next-generation energy management strategies. You’ll gain the flexibility and agility to turn instantly and meet new challenges head-on.
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Starter Package
Includes Energy management system

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Intermediate Package
Includes Data analytics platforms

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Standard Package
Includes Energy management system and Data analytics platforms

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Our key areas of expertise

With the ongoing transformation of the energy and utilities industry, agility is becoming a competitive advantage. At Webs Utility, we help businesses quickly respond to the latest technology trends and ever-evolving customer needs, providing tailored software that meets your goals for energy efficiency improvement.


Data and Analytics

Turn raw numbers into strategic insights with our data science services. We’ll help you optimize key processes, resolve challenges, and manage your assets for a better return on investment



Build smart sensor networks that provide real-time control over your infrastructure to avoid equipment downtime, as well as proactively monitor energy consumption in houses, buildings and industrial facilities



Handle routine customer requests with ML and AI-based platforms like chatbots and make precise forecasts by applying predictive and prescriptive modeling tools


UI/UX design

Visualize your data in customizable dashboards or manage your resources on the go. Whatever you require, we’ll create design solutions that meet KPIs and increase user satisfaction


Location-based services

Apply location intelligence and GIS-powered insights to determine infrastructure requirements, predict vulnerabilities, and prioritize maintenance tasks according to the geographic specifications



Keep your data safe from cyber threats and ensure that all aspects of your system are protected. Our extensive security expertise covers data encryption, access control, intrusion detection, and much more

Benefits of Energy Management Software:

  • Data Collection: EMS can be used to create an energy database for a company. Energy utility bills can be fed into the system manually, after which the database can pay the bills online in a timely manner.
  • Energy Information Reporting: As a reporting tool, EMS can be used to provide accurate energy consumption and expenditure data for large scale organizations. The software provides detailed energy information including the effects of external factors like weather on the building.
  • Allocation of Energy: EMS can be used to assist the submeters to allocate certain loads of energy to specific areas of the facility in real time. This allows operators to make the appropriate load changes based on real time data.
  • Operational Reliability: Specific applications such as HVAC, data centers, and manufacturing lines can be controlled for their energy consumption with the help of EMS. This solution provides benefits of increased energy management and operational reliability.

Who can benefit from an optimized softwares?

Webs Utility provides software and optimized solutions to startups, SMBs, and Large enterprises that enables perfection and growth in thier business.

  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Enterprises

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Webs Utility is full of Excellent team members that helps our clients to perform their best in the market. Our team pays attention to every single requirements nd issues of yours and provides best and optimized solutions. We are giving 24/7 support which makes us fulfil our comitments and diliver your projects on time.

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