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What Difference Can Enterprise Applications Bring To Your Business?

Venture applications fabricate a solid business by quelling the key business difficulties and obstacles. They support you to investigate additional opportunities and keep on bearing the computerized bend for a genuine worth chain of business development. What's more, correct endeavor applications assist you with pursueing inventive innovation advantage, improve efficiency and deal with the intricate business environment. Worked with strategic endeavor approach, applications and arrangements by Webs Utility further develop usefulness, productivity, execution, adaptability and power of your business.

  • Run a more connected business with improved productivity
  • Add value to your infrastructure with a solid IT foundation
  • Leverage the power to use the business innovating technology
  • Manage and secure critical data flow and business operations
  • Advance your enterprise with purpose-driven automated methodologies
  • Accelerate real-business growth under the digital hood

Check Our Suite Of Enterprise Applications & Solutions

With the latest technical approach and advanced design intelligence, Webs Utility proposes your enterprise a digital transformation journey. We offer a world-class collection of enterprise applications and solutions that emphasize your business to mark existence on the progressive digital roadmap. Gear up your business potential and improve its fundamental facets with our process-driven enterprise applications and solutions.

  • Custom Enterprise Software Development

    Every enterprise has its own unique requirements to expedite their business process and strategy. Therefore, we, at Webs Utility, develop enterprise software with IT-driven advances in accordance with the custom-tailored approach of the client. We fortify your business to leverage our efficient enterprise software to manage key assets and vital functionalities. Our custom enterprise software development process is not only based on fact-based challenging enterprise ecosystem but also on adequate future acclimatization.

  • Updation of existing apps and software

    In the ever-evolving technology landscape, Webs Utility helps your business to shed the dead weight of outdated functionalities of the decrepit enterprise software/application. We modernize the outmoded legacy solutions with up-to-date planning, world-best designs, nimble processes and high-level functionalities. Our well-assessed outlining and contemporary procedure to update your existing apps/software is based on the latest amenities of the advanced digital spectrum and fresh concepts suitable for your business type.

  • Integration with 3rd party apps

    Enterprise-wide integration or third-party integration support your business to embrace new potentialities to remodel your architecture standards. Webs Utility offers your business to have integrated enterprise applications, software, databases and IT infrastructure solution. This helps in smooth data flow among several fields and across various topologies in today’s data-dictated business landscape. Also, this authenticate you to access data from diverse devices, social platforms and channels, and other enterprise applications.

  • Sales & Marketing

    We develop a modernised sales and marketing application for your business. You can easily monitor the sale cycle such as order placement, scheduling, tracking, dispatching etc. This aids in identifying effective marketing tactics and refactoring the unproductive ones.

  • Human Resource

    We create customised human resource management application that will enable your enterprises to have full control over all sections of the HR process and functionalities. You can flawlessly modernize your core HR aspects like timesheets, leaves, employee records, payroll data and other documents or reports.

  • Collaboration & Reporting

    We build a reliable application to collaborate with the secure document framework and reporting assets over multiple business software, digital devices and platforms. We escalate your business demands and custom-develop the app in accordance with reporting classification and collaboration model.

  • Customer Relationship

    We offer flexible customer relationship application to meet the requirements of your business to sustain a stable customer relationship. Our customized CRM app supports your critical strategic need to record, access , manage and analyze your clientele and related information.

  • Content Management

    We develop content management application customised to deliver high-grade results in marketing as well as establish an effective digital presence of your enterprise. We consolidate the content strategy in a fundamental content management app.

  • Operations and Infrastructure

    We offer to create an operation and infrastructure enterprise application deliver hassle-free access to your storage, network and system logistics schemes. This builds a strong digital foundation for compliance, optimization and adherence to business operations via the cross-platform.

  • Analytics

    We provide a custom-built analytic enterprise application that can collect and deliver comprehensive records over various channels, devices and departments within an enterprise. It supports your business in fact-based decision making.

  • Enterprise Portals

    We readily provide customized enterprise portal solutions to clients to support them to digitally change their legacy business infrastructure. We develop enterprise portals with high customization and scalable approach considering ever-changing business dynamics.

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Analyse Our Streamline Enterprise Application Development Process

We develop enterprise applications with a flexible and scalable approach tailored to digitally transform your business. Here’s the overview of our enterprise application development process with a brief description of each step:

Enterprise Application Development Process

Gather Requirements

We understand that different businesses have different requirements that evolve at a rapid pace. So, the initial step is to gather information about your prevailing business strategies, recognize demands and identify necessary digital reforms.

Propose Solution

After an in-depth analysis of your current business infrastructure, we propose a leading-edge enterprise solution to boost the productivity of your business. It comprises the digital curbs, payment affairs and specific deadlines to deliver the suggested enterprise application.

Enterprise Application Development

We start to execute the designing and development process once you confirm the proposal. We begin the developing process only after you approve the wireframe of the application. Our development process comprises amazing UX/UI design, front-end and back-end development and testing/QA.

Flexible Deployment & Iteration

We offer flexible deployment with iterative methodologies. We deliver daily development progress reports for feedback. We then perform additional changes or add demanded features until the customer approves that the application is ready to be launched.

Understand Consumer Expectations & Transform

For startups or SMBs, developing the right product for right target audience is important without spending too much. This is where the role of MVP begins. It allows you to start with less budget to engage users and collect feedback which you can use to build a better product.

  • XML
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • React Native
  • MySQL
  • Android Studio
  • XCode
  • SVN
  • SVN

Why Choose Webs Utility?

webs Utility is a team of experts who can transform your business with the wealth of experience to build enterprise applications. We proceed the enterprise application developing process with 100% transparency and are dedicated to delivering applications and solutions on-time.


We are flexible to the increasing requirements or requests of our clients in the growing business ecosystem.


We develop enterprise applications and solutions with the minimum risk of cyber attacks and cyber threats.

Competitive Pricing

We offer cost-effective pricing list to build customized enterprise applications and solutions.

Fitting Engagement

We make sure to have consistent and effective client communication via email, on-site, on phone, project management software or other digital portals/channels.

Sectors We Have Served

Webs Utility has a prolific history of serving a number of sectors with a cross-platform approach towards building the customer-focused web solutions with influential strategies matching the profundity of your business.

Oil and Gas
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