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We use innovative incident management solutions to help you turn incidents affected by the COVID-19 outbreak into virtual incidents and change the way you manage incidents.

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Event Management Software

They say marriages are made in heaven and of course, there are many tasks and chores associated with the marriage. Not only about tasks it also includes a lot of planning and the execution of those plans perfectly. In the past, this implementation involved a lot of strain. But in the current scenario to lessen the burden and to make your marriage exceptional there are many event management companies which come up with innovative ideas. Moreover, event management has become a vogue these days and it has evolved as a great business. And our Event Management Software Development Company helps to expand your business.

Event management platforms incorporate many tools to streamline the event planning process, offering features that address multiple aspects of event management within a single product. These platforms can be used to manage large-scale events such as conferences, festivals, trade shows, and meetings of professional organizations. Event organizers use these products to plan and manage events from beginning to end with tools that provide functionality for attendee and/or exhibitor registration, payment processing, agenda development, event marketing, attendee engagement, and more.

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Our Event Management Software Development Services

Event Management Mobile Apps

We have developed mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. These applications can help multiple business areas to effectively organize online events through multiple functions (including online registration, digital payment, video integration, schedule management, and in-app chat functions).

VR-enabled Solutions

We can develop solutions that support VR. Whether people attend the event in person or not, it will help people experience the similar environment they actually encounter in the venue.

Video Integration with Existing Mobile/Web App

We can also help you integrate video conferencing technology into your existing mobile or web applications, allowing you to conduct activities online without having to build a complete solution from scratch.

Contactless Event Check-ins & Entry System

In order to ensure the minimum risk of spreading the virus after COVID-19, we can help you develop a platform that enables contactless check-in to authenticate participants without manual intervention, and controls the automation with the help of IoT-enabled sensors Door access and equipment.

People Counting System

The people counting tracking system can be used in event venues to count the number of people participating in the event. It can help you ensure that the incident does not exceed the limit of number of people and that few people gather to control the risk of COVID-19 before it is finally eliminated.

Social Distancing Alerts System

We can help you activate the social distancing alarm system at the venue so that the participants can keep a certain distance from each other. It can ensure zero contact and reduce the risk of virus transmission after the COVID-19 outbreak.

We integrate your event management solutions with:

Registration Software

Registration software is used for automatic registration, marketing, coordination and scheduling of events.

Virtual Event Software

Virtual event software helps companies continue their meetings and event scheduling virtually through real-time streaming media tools that can be accessed on multiple devices.

Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software is used to help organizations identify relevant audiences and analyze audience behavior based on event pages, registrations, social media impressions, email and mobile technology usage.

Event Check-In Software

Event checking software is used to speed up the registration process for events and meetings. The software can be deployed on devices. Event organizers use event sign-in software to collect attendee information that can be used for lead generation purposes.

One unified event platform for any event type

Wheather you want to raise brand awareness, drive revenue or engage attendees, Websutility is the perfect choice.

Demand Generation

Turn your event into a demand gen engine

Run events that promise higher attendee turnout and more actionable insights so that your sales team can chase the hottest leads.

User Conferences

Build unforgettable user conference experiences

Drive meaningful conversations and foster lifelong relationships with people who use and love your product.


Run association events your members will love

Build engaging events that are sure to foster lifelong relationships with each of your Association members.

DEI Events

Walk the value talk with impactful DEI events

Promote diversity and inclusion throughout the year at your workplace with events and webinars.

Race Ahead the Competition with Your Event Management Software.

What sets Webs Utility apart?

No pressure to proceed.

We don’t believe in forcing clients to keep our services any longer than you want to. While we’d love to work with you for years to come, if all you really need is a few months of setup, we have your back.

Stellar communication.

We consider it a must for any good resource to be able to communicate with all kinds of folks — from project managers, developers, and designers to C-level executives and customer service representatives. We also emphasize using personalized communication styles that will be relevant to each role.

Fast on-boarding.

When you’re looking for a new tester, that usually means you need QA yesterday. While we don’t offer time travel services (yet!), when we join your project, we’re focused on getting up to speed from day one. Your Event Management Software as a service doesn’t have to be complicated!

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