Hybrid Mobile App

  • Leveraging AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, and Apache Cordova in the Ionic Framework
  • Learn how to build apps with the Ionic framework
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A Hybrid Application (Hybrid App) is one that combines elements of both Native and Web applications. Native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device. Web applications are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the Internet through a browser. Hybrid apps are often mentioned in the context of mobile computing. Most applications could be considered hybrid apps. Web apps, such as online banking services, typically store some content; locally stored native apps, such as Microsoft Word, also interface to the Internet. Building hybrid mobile apps ensures you have the speed of web development along with the user experience that comes through native mobile app development.

At Webs Utility, we believe in providing a full-fledged hybrid app development course in delhi of your desire where our industry experts have designed a top-notch curriculum just for you.

Why Hybrid Application Course?

Hybrid app frameworks have come a long way to bridge the gap between the performance of a native app and the ease of development of a web app. On the leading edge of this technology is Facebook’s React Native user interface (UI) design framework. Hybrid app development is an additional option alongside native development for those who need an app faster, for a lower cost, and for several platforms.

  • Saves Time & Money for Organizations in Having Separate Teams Managing & Developing APPS for each platforms
  • Build on Single APP Design Concept
  • Meets most requirements of Industry & can be Customized as per requirements since it is open source

About the Program

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About this course

Hybrid mobile applications are built just like creating websites. Both of the process uses a combination of technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The interesting part is Hybrid applications target a web view hosted inside a native container. It allows the things like access hardware capabilities of the mobile device.

Webs Utility is one of leading Hybrid Mobile App development training in Delhi. We provide training to develop cross-platform mobile apps using the most popular Ionic and Angular framework. You will learn how to develop and target various platform (Android and IOS) based mobile apps using single codebase

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Hybrid App Developer Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction and overview of different type of Mobile app and Web application

  • Introduction to Hybrid Mobile app
  • Overview of Cordova.JS
  • Overview of PWA (Progressive Web app)
  • Installation of Ionic, Cordova and necessary supports.

Module 2: Architecture of Angular framework

  • Introduction to Angular and Angular CLI
  • Module, Component and Routing
  • Creating first Angular app
  • Overview of ES6 (latest Javascript)

Module 3: How Angular works with Data and Event

  • Data binding and Events
  • Angular Directives (*ngIf, *ngFor)
  • Dynamic Styling with ngClass and ngStyle.

Module 4: Data binding across the view (component)

  • Communication between components
  • Introduction of Service
  • Pipes (Date pipe)

Module 5: Understanding of Ionic framework

  • Introduction of Ionic framework
  • Creating introductory project in Ionic
  • Generating Splash and Icon using Ionic CLI.

Module 6: Ionic page structure and Ionic Elements

  • Ion-Card, Ion-Button, Date time picker & Grid
  • Infinite Scroll, Ion-Icon, Ion-List & Modal

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Hybrid Application Development Basics to Advance Only at 2000 USD.

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Hybrid Application Development Basics to Advance with Resume Building Only at 2250 USD.

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Hybrid Application Development Basics to Advance with Resume Building and Hands on Live Projects Only at 2500 USD.

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Program Overview

Key Highlights
  • Interview Opportunities
  • 4+ Hackathons
  • 300+ Hours self-paced learning
  • Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • Multiple hands-on sessions
  • 360 degree Placement Assistance
  • Instructors from top product based companies
  • Flexibility to pause learning and learner join the upcoming batch
  • Support available all days 9 AM - 9 PM IST for queries
  • Career coaching (CV, motivational interviewing)
  • 4+ Practical Hands-on Capstone Project
  • 12 Employability tests for job readiness

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Why Choose us for the course?

Webs Utility's Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the quiz. Webs Utility certification is well recognized. The Hybrid App Developer certification training is a comprehensive learning approach for mastering Hybrid App Development skills. As part of the Webs Utility Developer training, you will learn about various fameworks, different languages and more.

  • 14+ Years Experience
  • 100+ Team Members
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • Agile Development
  • Transparent Process
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