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Webs Utility can precisely adjust your company's inventory to reach an optimum level through our multifaceted software and reduce your hassle. So, build your inventory management software with us to increase your company's revenue and decrease losses from idle inventory.

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Inventory Management Software

Know your daily inventory stock status and stay updated with our highly promising software applications!

We leverage the best-in-class inventory management software development solutions to every small, medium, large or to any kind of retail enterprises. As we understand the retail and manufacturing industries are highly reliant on its day-to-day inventory management operations, we offer customized and scalable applications to serve the need of every business vertical.

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Hire Experienced Inventory Management Software Developers

Websutility’s inventory management software solutions ensure stock syncing, full visibility, and quantity adjustments with precision detail, using RFID and QR code scanners to identify supply chain inventory items, analyze sales performance, maintain quality assurance, etc.

Inventory Software Development

Experts in computer-assisted replenishing inventory management software development, our developers engineer dynamic rule-based purchasing engines and extensive integrated analytics platforms that analyze and report historical sales performance per item.

Inventory Aggregation & Sync Software

We program data aggregation platforms and centralized repositories for inventory count and real-time stock replenishment, syncing inventory across multiple channels and locations to eliminate redundancies and double-entry errors using EDI integrations & Implementation.

Inventory Management Software Integration

We offer custom inventory management integrations with RFID, barcodes, and QR code scanners for real-time stock quantities and document management platforms to track receipts, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, and bills of lading.

Inventory Management Software Implementation

We scale robust inventory management software implementation to ERP and CRM systems through expert-level inventory management software implementation of stock management, inventory control, and inventory purchasing software solutions.

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

Webs Utility's develops cloud-based inventory management software for real-time inventory tracking and visibility from desktops, mobile devices, and wearable devices, enabling easy data access from any Internet connection and featuring scalable data storage capacity.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

We create custom MRP software seamlessly integrated with your inventory management system, order procurement platforms, and resource planning automation tools to streamline the purchasing & tracking of raw materials throughout the entire supply chain process.

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Custom Inventory Management Software Solutions

At Webs Utility, we’ll create a system to help you manage your inventory more efficiently with an all-in-one stock syncing, automatic ordering, electronic scanning, and purchase order tracking software solution that integrates seamlessly with all of your current business systems.


Create analytics platforms to report historical sales performance per item using inventory management forecasting modules that generate EOQ and develop real-time reports that track critical KPIs, including Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), turnover rates, and net profits.

Warehouse Software

Webs Utility delivers customized warehouse inventory management software solutions to maximize seamless stock adjustments, smooth warehouse management, error-free inventory status updates, channel-specific stocking, accurate inventory reporting, and so much more.


We develop custom fleet management software with inventory tracking capabilities that facilitate real-time fleet tracking through GPS technology, minimizing delays, receiving fleet vehicle maintenance alerts & reminders, managing fleet fuel costs, and more.


For retailers needing to keep a closer eye on their inventory levels across multiple warehouses and store locations, we develop retail inventory management software solutions, ensuring that your products are always in stock at your physical or e-commerce store.

Hospitality Software

Whether you’re running a hotel, restaurant, or another hospitality environment, we design and develop effective inventory management software solutions that incorporate pricing/revenue, distribution, market segmentation, and order management capabilities.

Medical Software

We develop our medical inventory management software solutions to optimize stockroom inventory levels by providing full visibility into a healthcare organization’s medical supply storerooms, along with automated ordering & replenishment of those supplies.

From MSMEs to large-scale corporations,
Webs Utility Inventory supports all businesses


Order management

Handle all your sales and purchases activities, manage invoices and bills, and track payments. Webs Utility Inventory also helps you monitor packages and shipments to keep your deliveries on time.


Warehouse management

You can control your stock in different warehouses or godowns centrally from Webs Utility Inventory. Track item movements, transfer items within warehouses, and generate warehouse-specific reports.


Barcode scanning

Webs Utility Inventory is compatible with different types of barcode scanners which makes it easy to set up a barcode system and add SKUs, serial and batch numbers, and items to sales and purchase orders.



Sell on Shopify or Etsy, integrate with Webs Utility CRM and Webs Utility Books, and receive payment online via PayPal or Razorpay—there is a wide range of integrations to support your business.


Inventory tracking

You can keep track of spare parts, saleable items, and even expiry dates with the serial and batch tracking feature of Webs Utility Inventory.



Know your inventory aging, vendor payments, sales details and inventory valuation from a range of reports which can be generated, downloaded and shared easily.

Why Choose Webs Utility?

Our Services bring the industry-leading expertise of Solutions and Global Service Lines. We have a proven track record of supporting clients in identifying and implementing their vision and needs for thier business. With the increasing usage of mobile channels, ensuring a high quality experience is critical to customer and employee satisfaction. Webs Utility’s inventory software development Services provide organizations the opportunity to maintain high quality whilst reducing costs and time-to-market.

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