IT Migration services

Smarter, faster and hassle-free migration of your workloads, applications, and servers

How Webs Utility Helps?

Infrastructure migration has grown exponentially. More and more enterprises from various fields are realizing the advantages of cloud migration and are adopting innovative infrastructure models to transform holistically. Many companies have already moved some of their operations to the cloud and are on the verge of full integration.

We can help you with the best migration strategies to overcome the challenges that come with sudden operational demands, higher operational expenses, and ineffective processes. Our migration services will also assist with your data storage requirements. Our services ensure that your geographically distributed team gains access to application-related data at all times.

Webs Utility makes migration of enterprise applications across different environments swift and easy!

  • Cross Hardware Migrations
  • Cross OS Migrations
  • Cross Hypervisor Migrations
  • H/w Replacement Migrations
  • Platform Migrations
  • Database Migrations

Our Capabilities

We work with you to determine which approach works best for your organization – public, private or hybrid. As a part of our cloud migration consulting services, we take a customer-centric approach, pre-set templates and data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place in a smooth, effective and systematic way without any negative business impact.

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration

AI Based Technology Ensures Data Integrity & Seamless Migration Across Cloud Platforms

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

1. Out Of the Box

Platform Independent. Migrate to-and-from from Google cloud, Azure, AWS or any other cloud platform.

Webs Utility Global |  Atomation Testing

2. Platform Independent

Migrate to any could without worrying about the source and target infrastructure.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

3. Zero Downtime

Migrate without any downtime. All data and operations keep working as normal.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing

4. 100% Data Privacy

Your data stays safe and secure. We use industry leading encryption protocols while moving data from one platform to another.

Why Choose Webs Utility?

webs Utility is a team of experts who can transform your business with the wealth of experience to build enterprise applications. We proceed the enterprise application developing process with 100% transparency and are dedicated to delivering applications and solutions on-time.


We are flexible to the increasing requirements or requests of our clients in the growing business ecosystem.


We develop enterprise applications and solutions with the minimum risk of cyber attacks and cyber threats.

Competitive Pricing

We offer cost-effective pricing list to build customized enterprise applications and solutions.

Fitting Engagement

We make sure to have consistent and effective client communication via email, on-site, on phone, project management software or other digital portals/channels.

Sectors We Have Served

Webs Utility has a prolific history of serving a number of sectors with a cross-platform approach towards building the customer-focused web solutions with influential strategies matching the profundity of your business.

Oil and Gas
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