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Manufacturing industry is one of the largest sector in global economy. It is the process of transforming materials or components into finished products that can be sold in the marketplaces. As the technology is getting over change, many manufacturing business are now finding the advanced software to run their business.

Manufacturing software development includes custom solutions, and it gives you complete control over how your business runs. At Osiz technologies, we provide a wide range of options regarding your business models. We are the team of knowledgeable professional with dimensional experience within the manufacturing software development and our aim is to scale-up within the method of offering glorious business solutions to our clients.

One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing industry is “Product information management”. We offer best manufacturing software development which allows you to handle immense catalogue of products.

Benefits Of Software Development At Manufacturing Industry

Implementing manufacturing software development to manufacturing industry it increase productivity growth, centralise data, reduces manual work task and enhance organization throughout the company.

  •     Time savings
  •     Reduction of costs
  •     Earlier recogination of product manufacturing issues
  •     Automates & streamlines business process with greater adaptability
  •     Quickly respond to market conditions
  •     Ability to update product schedules
  •     Strategic decision making
  •     Improve customer satisfactions & brand loyalty
  •     Increase business productivity

Our Advanced Solutions For Manufacturing Industry/h2>

Blockchain Based Solution

By integrating our blockchain it help to improve your supplier order accuracy, product quality, track-and-traceability and manufactures will able to meet delivery dates, improvement of product quality and sell more.

Artificial Intelligence

Using our advanced AI solution in your manufacturing industry, you can check the quality of product, maintenance level, optimize manufacturing supply chains, minimize operational costs, facilitate superior scalability and product development.

IoT ( Internet Of Things)

We will understand your business model completely and analyse the business process that needs IoT solutions. We provide complete IoT solution according to your business requirements to enhance your revenue growth.

Web/Mobile Application Development

We provide end-to-end web/mob appication development for manufacturing industry with advanced features, to stand out different from your business competitors. Our application supports and responsive to all kinds of platform.

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Robust Manufacturing Software Solutions

Webs Utility Global |Online Business Analysis| Malaysia

Production Planning & Reporting Solution

Webs Utility can transform your production operations, scheduling, and capacity planning with custom software & solutions. It would leverage automation and analytics for critical data-driven decisions. The perks of this comprehensive production planning system include operational efficiency, increased productivity, improved planning through actionable insights, and balanced inventory management. This high-performance system comes packed with customizable modules and features like:

  • Production planning
  • Work-order transaction management
  • BI reports & visualization
  • Inventory management
  • Sales & production forecasting / projection
  • External integration with ERP, accounting software, etc.
Webs Utility Global | Infrastructure & Architecture| Malaysia

Order & Inventory Management Solution

We help develop & implement custom order & inventory management platforms. They can easily track orders from inception to fulfillment and manage processes with resources in a connected ecosystem. Our objective is to help you optimize order management, and avoid short supply. Some of the important features include,

  • Demand forecasting
  • Barcode/Scanning data capture & management
  • Logistics/Distribution management
  • Logistics/Distribution management
  • Records repository and management
  • Payment gateway with fraud detection
Webs Utility Global | Custom eCommerce Design & Development | Malaysia

Manufacturing ERP Software

Webs Utility helps SMBs and established enterprises grow with secure and scalable custom ERP software solutions. Our team uses an industry-leading technology stack to bring significant benefits to businesses of every size and complexity. We even integrate Computer Vision with manufacturing ERP software to enable businesses to run cost-effectively.

  • Vendor management
  • Finance & accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Data strategy & analytics
  • Purchase & inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
Webs Utility Global | Software Testing & Growth | Malaysia

Multi-channel Online Marketplace

A digital store can help manufacturers expand their reach to a much wider target audience and increase their sales. We enable retailers & suppliers to establish a continuous relationship with the creation of a custom marketplace. It enables easy categorization, listing and selling of products across categories (from multiple vendors) with seamless payment integrations.This all-inclusive solution integrates customizable features like:

  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Order management
  • CRM portal/li>
  • Dynamic real-time pricing
  • Multi-warehouse support

Why Choose Webs Utility?

Domain Expertise

Our team is well versed with processes & compliances across the industry and skilled with application of technologies like AI/ML, Big Data & Cloud.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Our extensive experience with integrating third-party APIs into manufacturing software solutions empowers you to compete globally.

Value Driven Approach

We assist manufacturers and provide high business value with integrity, consistency, and a transparent approach.

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