Micro Frontends

extending the microservice idea to frontend development

What is Micro Frontends?

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In the micro frontend architecture, we integrate a Web app into modules, where each module has a specific functionality. Each module is owned by a separate team that develops the entire module from the UI to all to the way to the database and backend. Doing so makes the development process simple while ensuring that the functionalities remain independent from each other.

As a result, it becomes easier to develop the Web app in parallel. Our prime focus at Softobiz is to enable continuous delivery and deployment through micro frontends.

Future Micro Frontend Generation.

Pump up your lead generation with Webs Utility. With our Micro Frontend solutions, increase lead generation by atleast 400%. Micro-frontends are the future of front end web development. Inspired by microservices, which allow you to break up your backend into smaller pieces, micro-frontends allow you to build, test, and deploy pieces of your frontend app independently of each other.

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Benefits of Micro Frontends Architecture

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Rapid development and deployment

Since all the front-end modules of the Website/WebApp are independent of each other, you can develop, test, and deploy them in parallel. This reduces the development time and results in faster deployment.

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Easy to scale and upgrade

Since Micro Frontends has a modular structure, you can easily upgrade it according to your business needs or market trends.

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Quality Assurance

As you can run parallel tests on all modules, it’s possible to release completed modules as versions rather than waiting for the entire frontend to complete. This results in superior product quality.

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Regression testing made easier

Since all the modules are independent of each other, you can separately test them for dependencies and changes.

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This is one of the biggest benefits of Micro frontends over the traditional monolith structure. In case any issue occurs, there’s no need to shut down the entire frontend to fix it.

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Better Maintenance

Micro Frontends can also save you from the pain of managing huge holistic codes. Instead, the codebase can be distributed according to features and specific teams can work on them. This way, you can efficiently maintain the entire code.

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