OJS is a minority-owned and operated Phoenix-based technology company that provides premium services and technical support for Open Journal Systems (OJS) and online journal publishing.

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What is Open Journal System?

An open-source software application, Open Journal Systems (OJS) is used to handle and publish scholarly journals. It was developed to improve access to research and is the most extensively used open-source journal publishing platform in existence being utilised worldwide.

OJS is an extensive tool which is used for handling your overall submission and editorial workflow, and publishing your articles online.

OJS depends upon individuals accomplishing various roles, such as editor, journal manager, author, reader and reviewer. It consists of a module that supports subscription journals. Every OJS journal can have its own themes, data, plugins, and users. Or, if you wish, all journals in one OJS instance can share users, data, plugins and themes.

We at WebsUtility provide various OJS packages that would help your business in further growth.

Qualified Open Journal System Company


Websutility have administered Open Journal Systems (OJS) hosting with highly professional server environment comprising of an up-to-date, protected version of the software plus guidance and fundamental hold up for Open Journal Systems.

OJS 3.X Services

Open Journal Systems 3 bursting tune-up and hold up, encompassing upgrades and migration from OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x, to manage hosting, customization, premium support, prospect upgrades, and expert guidance..

OJS Customization

Finest Support for Open Journal Systems by extending customary observing backup, bug fixes, security monitoring, standard upgrades, and site inspection to guarantee that Open Journal Systems run effortlessly, efficiently, and steadily.


From system and configurations to adequate training for journal managers and editors, our preparation modules spotlights on the necessary perceptions and knowledge you need to get ongoing using Open Journal Systems.

OJS Programming

Open Journal Systems software development and programming enables to modify and rationalize OJS workflow to an enhanced robust to your publishing requirements.

Editorial Services

Qualified high-quality scholastic and systematic editing services to assist you complete your objective and guarantee spotless, well-formatted replica that matches to any preferred approach.

Our Packages


$500 / / month

In order for OJS to work efficiently and smoothly, we use specially configured servers.

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$800 / / month

We provide visibility and accessibility services by integrating your journal with search engines and platforms such as ORCID.

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$1000 / / month

We provide SSL certification, which is necessary for the security of OJS and its integration with other platforms.

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Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing


Invite authors to submit to your journal through a configurable, step-by-step submission wizard.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing


Select peer reviewers, assign due dates, and send reminders to stay on schedule.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing


Collect your articles, editorials and reviews into issues and publish them online in a mobile-friendly website.

Webs Utility Global | Atomation Testing


Drive the dissemination and discovery of your work through Google Scholar, DOAJ, Crossref, OAI-PMH metadata harvesters, and more.

Why Choose Webs Utility?

Domain Expertise

Our team is well versed with processes & compliances across the industry and skilled with application of technologies like AI/ML, Big Data & Cloud.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Our extensive experience with digital marketing makes it easy and early success in our campains, ads, seo and smo.

Value Driven Approach

We assist manufacturers and provide high business value with integrity, consistency, and a transparent approach.

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