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Order Taking Service

Order taking services refer to the process of receiving and processing customer orders on behalf of businesses. These services are often provided by call centers or outsourcing companies that specialize in handling customer orders for various industries, including retail, food and beverage, hospitality, and e-commerce.

Order taking services typically involve a team of trained agents who are equipped with the necessary tools and technology to receive and process customer orders quickly and accurately. These agents can take orders over the phone, through email or chat, or via online platforms such as e-commerce websites or mobile apps.In addition to processing orders, order taking services may also provide additional customer support services such as order tracking, product information, and issue resolution. By outsourcing order taking services, businesses can improve their customer experience, reduce operational costs, and focus on core business functions.

Our Comprehensive Order Taking Services

At our company, we offer comprehensive order taking services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our team of highly trained agents is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to provide quick and accurate order processing for your customers.

  • Telephone Order Taking
  • Email Order Taking
  • Web-based Order Taking
  • Chat-based Order Taking
  • Customized Order Taking
  • Multi-Lingual Order Taking
  • Social Media Order Taking
  • Mobile App Order Taking
  • Fax Order Taking
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Order Taking

The WebsUtility Advantage for Order Taking Services

Multichannel Support

>We offer order taking services through multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, and online platforms. This ensures that your customers can order from you using their preferred channel, making it easier and more convenient for them to do business with you.

24/7 Availability

> Our order taking services are available 24/7, which means that your customers can place orders at any time of the day or night. This ensures that you don't miss out on potential sales, and your customers can order from you whenever it's most convenient for them.

Highly Trained Agents

>Our agents are highly trained and experienced in order taking and customer service. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quick and accurate order processing, ensuring that your customers receive the best possible experience.


>Outsourcing your order taking services to WebsUtility can be a cost-effective solution for your business. You won't need to hire and train your own staff, which can save you time and money. Our services are also scalable, so you can adjust them based on your business's needs and budget.

Improved Customer Experience

>By using our order taking services, you can improve the customer experience for your customers. Our agents are friendly and professional, and they provide prompt and accurate order processing. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide real-time reporting on order volume, order trends, and customer feedback. This information can be used to optimize your business's ordering process and improve customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Webs Utility?

At Webs Utility, we believe that digital transformation is there to unlock human potential, and accelerate new and better ways of working.

Repeatable solutioning

Our digital practice has robust, repeatable and customizable templates, frameworks and runbooks — for asset classification, data governance, data quality, cost optimizations etc.

End-to-end digital insights capabilities

From AI vision and cloud strategy to DevOps and managed services, our teams have experience delivering end-to-end digital insight solutions for the custom software needs of industry.


Our team has the latest technical skills and in-depth knowledge of developeing custom softwares according to your business. We develop your work solutions with high quality and optimum standards.

Our Work

We have worked with well reputed companies. Our team has good exposure with new and updated technologies which helps us to give you the best solutions for your business.

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