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WEBS UTILITY GLOBAL is a professional web design services and web development services company from Delhi, India, offering business around the globe. We design and build websites.

B2B B2C Portal Web Development

We plan and construct sites. All our website architecture projects are straightforwardly dealt with by the senior imaginative group. A section from this our imaginative expert website specialists are mastery in Web planning organization in Delhi, India.

Portal Web Development

  • Web’s Utility Global is expert in making B2B
  • B2C portals we are working globally making PORTALS in note js
  • .NET PHP and many more With the core languages.
  • Server side and front end, we are in the market since from nine years
  • Making awesome portals with high-end technology with the latest updates.
  • Landing Pages: Team up your emails with right landing pages
  • Email Testing: Test rigorously before sending emails
  • Email Automation: Plan automated emails for your campaign
  • Unsubscribe/Set Preferences: Make the unsubscribe option evidently

B2B B2C Portal Web Development PHP .NET NODE JS... | WebS UTILITY

Portal Web Development Today, if you want to succeed in business, then you need to have a formidable presence on the World Wide Web and that is achieved by having a website. But having an 'ordinary' web solution would not do you any good, you would need a front end that stands out and grabs the attention of your target audience. This is exactly what we help you do. Developing website designs that unite with the users requires a systematic understanding of the medium and a creative mindset.

Our Vision to develop B2B Portal

To design and develop a website that is visually appealing and promotes your business. The website will have a customized look-and-feel with great level of user-friendliness. The website will be search engine optimized to gain better traction with popular search engines. The entire structure will be easily manageable through the admin panel.

User Module 

Section 1: Homepage Design

Homepage will be designed in such a way that it showcases the services offered by your company and will have a very user-friendly navigation system. There will be links to most of the inside pages on the homepage to allow one-click navigation.

Categories: The categories will be listed on the website and the PRODUCTS AND COMPANIES can be browsed category and subcategory-wise. Category Structure will be N-Level.

Links: The links to the mentioned sections will be displayed here:

  • Registration and Login

    • Normal member
    • Company
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Contact Us

Search: Search form will have the following features:

  • Search for (Dropdown) 

    • Company
    • Product/Service
  • Category (Dropdown) 
  • Keyword (Textbox)  
  • Search (Button): On clicking user will be redirected to respective listing page.

Banners: There will be banners on the homepage as well as inner pages that will be manageable from the admin panel.

Featured Companies: Companies set as featured by the admin will be displayed in this section. On clicking any company, detailed page will open.

Section 2: Company Listing and Description Page

Each company displayed will have the following information:

  • Company Details

    • Company Name
    • Logo
    • Categories and Subcategories dealing in
    • State and City
    • Short Description
    • View Details (Button): On clicking view details, the visitor will be redirected to the Company description page.
  • View Products/Services (Button): On clicking, products/services posted by the company will be listed. 

Filter: The user will be able to filter the companies on the basis of category, subcategory…, and city.

Company detailed description page

The company detailed description page will have the following additional details:

  • Detailed Description
  • Contact Details
    • Owner Name
    • Address Details
      • Country
      • State
      • City
      • Address
      • Pin Code
    • Phone Number
    • Mobile Number
    • Website
  • Refer to Friend

    • Friend’s E-Mail ID (Textbox)
    • Refer (Button): On clicking, the URL of the page will be mailed to the mentioned e-mail ID.
  • Share: Social Media Widgets (Facebook, Twitter)
  • View Products/Services (Button): On clicking, products/services posted by the company will be listed. 

Section 3: Product/Service Listing and Description

The products/service will be listed in the following manner:

  • For Buy/Sell
  • Image
  • Product/Service Name
  • Category/Subcategory/…
  • Short Description
  • View Details (Button)

Filter: The user will be able to filter the listings on the basis of category, subcategory…, and buy/sell.

On clicking View Details, the user will be redirected to the product/service description page which will have the following information:

  • For Buy/Sell
  • Image(s) : Up-to Four
  • Product/Service Name
  • Detailed Description
  • Company Name and Logo (Link): On clicking, the user will be redirected to the company detailed description page.
  • Send Enquiry (Button): On clicking the button, user will be asked to login, if not already logged in. Once logged in, the user will be able to send a message to the company. The message will have the following fields:

    • Comments* (Text area)
    • Attachments, if any (Upload)
    • Send Enquiry (Button)

Section 4: Company Registration

To register with the website, a user will input the following fields:

  • Company Details

    • Company Name (Textbox)
    • Logo (Upload from local disk)
    • Select Categories and Subcategories dealing in (Checkbox)
    • Short Description (Text area)
  • Contact Details

    • Owner Name (Textbox)
    • Address Details

      • Country (Dropdown)
      • State (Dropdown)
      • City (Dropdown)
      • Address (Text area)
      • Pin Code (Textbox)
    • Phone Number (Textbox)
    • Mobile Number (Textbox)
    • Website (Textbox)
  • Login Details

    • E-Mail (Textbox)
    • Password* (Textbox)
    • Confirm Password* (Textbox)
  • Terms and Conditions (Checkbox) and (Link)
  • Captcha Code
  • Submit (Button)

Section 5: Company Member Folder

The member folder will include the following details in its layout:

  • Total Products/Service Posted
  • Post Now (Link)
  • Preview Company Listing (Link): Clicking will allow the member to view how the company listing appears to the user.

The member folder will have the following functions:

  • Edit/Complete Details
  • Manage Products/Services
  • Manage Enquiries
  • Manage Membership
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Edit/Complete Details

The user will be able to edit/complete the registration details and also update the company’s CMs description page.

Manage Products and Services

The user will be able to add, edit, and delete products and services leads from this section. To post a product/service the member will need to input:

  • Select Category (Dropdown)

    • Select Subcategory (Dropdown)
  • For Buy/Sell (Radio buttons)
  • Images (Upload from local disk: up-to four)
  • Product/Service Name (Textbox)
  • Short Description (Text area)
  • Detailed Description (CMS)
  • Add (Button)

Admin Approval: The product/service will be posted after admin approval.

Manage Enquiries

The member will be able to view all the enquiries from members on his posted products/services. Member will be able to reply for the queries. 

Manage Membership

TO POST THE PRODUCTS, member will need to buy a MEMBERSHIP PLAN. After purchasing a membership plan, member can post unlimited number of products until the plan is VALID.

Current membership plan and its validity will be displayed here in this section.

Member will also be able to upgrade/renew the memberships from here. Membership plans will be listed here with the following details:

  • Plan Name
  • Price
  • Description
  • Validity
  • Buy Now (Button): Clicking on buy now button will redirect the user to the payment gateway. After successful payment an invoice will be generated and viewed. Invoice will also be mailed to the user.

NOTE: The payment gateway is to be provided by the client and integrated by the Weblink India.

Change Password

The member can change the password to his account by providing old and new password.


The member will be logged out of the account. 

Section 6: Normal User Registration

The registration form for the buyer will include the following fields:

  • E-Mail ID (Textbox)
  • Password (Textbox)
  • Confirm Password (Textbox)
  • Name (Textbox)
  • Gender (Radio button)
  • D.O.B (Calendar)
  • Address details
    • Address (Text area)
    • Country (Dropdown)
    • State (Dropdown)
    • City (Dropdown)
  • Captcha
  • Accept Terms and Conditions (Checkbox)

E-Mail ID Verification

After filling the form, the buyer will receive a link on the furnished e-mail ID for verification purposes. Clicking the link received on the e-mail will verify the e-mail and activate the buyer account.

Section 7: Normal User Folder

The member folder will have the following sections:

  • My Enquiries
  • Edit Account
  • Change Password
  • Logout

My Enquiries

Enquiries posted by the user on product/services page will be tracked here. User will be able to view the reply of the respective company. User will be able to further reply on that i.e. message chain will be created.

Edit Account

In this section, the buyer can change the name and add/edit the default shipping and billing addresses and the contact numbers.

Change Password

This section will allow the buyer to change the password by providing the current password, the new password, and confirming the new password.


This link will allow the buyer to logout of the website.

Section 8: Contact Us

The Contact Us section will take the user to the page, where the user will have to provide the following details:

  • First Name* (Textbox)
  • Last Name (Textbox)
  • E-Mail* (Textbox)
  • Mobile Number* (Textbox)
  • Enquiry/Comment* (Text area)

Enquiries posted by the users will be tracked in the back end and the admin can revert back.

Section 9: FAQs

These sections will have some of the frequently asked questions by the users along with their answers. The questions and answers will be managed from the backend.

Section 3: Testimonials

The homepage will have testimonials section. to add a testimonial, user will provide the following the fields:

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Description 

Section: Newsletters

The user will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter service by providing his name and e-mail ID.

Section 10: Other Informative Pages

Pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc., will be manageable from the backend using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Google Analytics Installation

Social Media Links

Admin Module    

This will be a password protected panel, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a PC or laptop connected to the Internet.

Section 1: Manage Members

Admin can view the details of the registered members in the following different sections:

  • Normal User
  • Company

Admin will be able to select one or more members and activate, deactivate, or delete them. Deactivated members will not be able to login to the account. 

Set Featured: The admin will be able to set/unset a company as ‘Featured’.

Pagination: The records will be spread across pages and the admin can decide the number of records that need to be shown per page.

Search: Admin will be able to search for members based on their name or e-mail ID. 

Filter: He will be able to filter the records on basis of:

  • Category, Subcategory…, // for companies
  • Country, State, and City
  • Date Range of Inactivity

Track Posted Products and Services: The admin will be able to view the products and service posted by the companies.

Section 2: Manage Categories

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate and deactivate categories and subcategories in an N level category structure.

Section 3: Manage Products/Services

The admin will be able to track the products/services posted by the companies and also the enquiries received on them.

Filter: The admin will be able to filter the products/service on the basis of awaiting approval and approve/reject them.

Section 4: Manage Membership

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate membership plans in this section. To add a plan following information will be required:

  • Plan Name (Textbox) 
  • Price (Textbox)
  • Validity in Months (Dropdown) 
  • Description (CMS) 

Section 5: Manage Payments

Payments received from the companies to avail the paid membership, will be tracked here.

 Section 5: Manage Locations

The admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate countries, states, and city in a hierarchical structure.

Section 6: Manage Banners

Admin will be able to add new banners or edit, delete, activate, and deactivate existing ones in this section. Adding new banner will require the admin to enter the following details:

  • Banner Title (Textbox)
  • Banner Position (Dropdown)

If position is homepage

  • Text (Textbox)
  • Banner Image (Upload from local disk)
  • URL (Textbox)

Deactivated banners will not appear in the frontend.

Banners of all inner pages will be same.

Section 7: Manage CMS Pages

The content for static pages, such as, About Us, Privacy Policy, and Legal Disclaimer can be added or edited using an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Section 8: Manage Enquiries (Contact Us)

Any enquiry posted by a visitor on the Contact Us page can be tracked by the admin in this section. Admin will have the control to choose how many records need to be displayed per page. Admin will be able to delete the records, if necessary. Admin can reply to enquiries individually, or select multiple and respond to them with a common answer.

Section 9: Manage FAQs

The admin will be able to add unlimited FAQs and modify or delete the existing for users’ help.

Section 10: Manage Newsletters

Admin will be able to view a list of e-mail IDs of the members subscribed to the newsletter service. The records will be displayed in pages and the admin will be able to set the number of listings to be displayed per page. Admin will be able to perform a search for subscribers based on their e-mail IDs and also delete subscriber records from the database.

The admin can preview the mail before it is sent and send the mail to either all the subscribers or only the ones selected.

Section 11: Manage Testimonials

Admin can edit, delete, activate, and deactivate testimonials in this section. 

Section 12: Manage Search Engine Optimization

Admin of the website will be able to update the Meta tag’s of the website. If admin update the keywords, Meta tag of such a page which already has Meta tag’s, system will generate a warning message to only change those keywords with which the site is not picked by search engines.

Section 13: Manage Admin Settings

Admin will be able to update the password of the admin control panel and the e-mail ID used to dispatch automated mails from website. The admin will be able to manage the following:

  • Google analytic code
  • Google web master code
  • Social media links

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Seller Login

Seller USER:: 9090909090

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