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Growth Hacking: A new business growth strategy has revolutionised the way marketers execute their work in the past five years. Direct-response marketing was popular in the past, and it was followed by web marketing, guerilla marketing, and viral marketing. Today's marketing term is "growth hacking".

Everyone, including tech startups , eCommerce stores, and even government agencies, appears to be talking about it. Its attraction stems from the fact that it simply works. Thousands of tiny software firms and lean startups have used growth hacking to rapidly scale up and become profitable, transforming them into market behemoths in only a few years.

Product Launch: Modern Marketing Partners helps brands launch successfully, with precision and a full compliment of marketing services, from product ideation, design and development, to research and testing. And every type of marketing and communications: branding, packaging and merchandising, advertising, PR, channel development and more.

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Our Product Launch Services

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Market Research

We have spent countless hours researching the industry trends in social media and email marketing. We’ve got the answers to the hard questions.

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E-Mail Marketing

A solid E-Mail Marketing Strategy is critical for a successful business. E-Mail Marketing is the best way to stay engaged with your audience.

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Launch Planning

“If you build it they will come…” Not necessarily. You have a great product that doesn’t mean it is going to sell, you need a bulletproof Launch plan!

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Virtual Mentoring

We know how important it is to have a coach and a mentor. Without one you feel alone, vulnerable, and will question every move you make in your business.

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Growth Hacking Process:


Information Gathering

Traditionally, marketers begin meeting preparation by compiling a list of all the topics they want to use. And growth hackers, being the analytical creatures they are, are well aware of this.


Write Out A List Of Possible Ideas

List out all your ideas of improvement and prioritise them. This is a crucial step that many entrepreneurs miss out on


Put Your Ideas To Test

This is the actual execution of the tests, and is one that most growth hackers like discussing. Now is the best time to start hacking.


Collaborate with Corporations and Affiliate Marketers

Collaborate for spreading the word about your product.

Technology We Work On

Cloud Toolset, Open Source, Visualisation Tools, Programming Skills

Why Choose Webs Utility?

At Webs Utility, we believe that digital transformation is there to unlock human potential, and accelerate new and better ways of working.

We have worked with many influencers just like you. We have assisted in the successful launch of over 30 products with a combined profit of over 3.5 Million Dollars. We know the struggles you face, we know how to break down the barriers that are keeping you from success and we know how important it is to seek out a mentor in the industry. We are here for you through it all, your best times and your worst.

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