Queue Management

Control the Queues, Know the real-time metrics, Data-based business decisions, and Increase revenue.

An All-in-One Queue Management Solution

Happy customers are a myth- goes wrong when you choose the formula for a perfect queue management system with Webs Utility.

With a more intuitive and smoother check-in flow, the queue management system improves the quality of life for employees and customers. We provide traditional elements of the smooth seamless queuing experience with automated queuing flow, self-sign-in kiosk, and customized notifications.

Webs Utility offers a touchless, customizable, and standard queuing solution for different queuing difficulties faced by organizations.

Key Features of Queue Management System

  • Queue Management with Token Printing

    Handles consolidated or counter wise queues using our token display system with sound for Hospital OPD's, Clinics, Registration Counter and Vaccination Centers.
  • Display Multiple Token Number per Counter

    Wireless token display system with sound for Pharmacy, Banks, Service Centers and Restaurants.
  • Display Alpha Numeric Token Numbers

    Wireless token display system with sound for Pharmacy, Banks, Service Centers and Restaurants.
  • Display Token Numbers and Advertisement Images and Video

    Wireless token display system with sound for Restaurants, Canteens, Aadhar Centers, Pharmacy, Airport and Service Centers.

Our Queue Management Solutions

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Ticket Dispenser

Our ticket dispensing machine will help you to solve the never-ending challenge of managing customers and visitors at the point of arrival. Not only can our ticket dispenser machine facilitate an environment where customers would feel more welcome, but it can also smoothen the process of visitor registration and entry through proper ticketing.

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Digital Signage

Take advantage of customer waiting time by providing them with valuable queue information along with targeted messages. The web-based digital signage interface is powered with PixlView which supports live TV and HTML content.

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Calling Unit

Customer Service Agents can call customers through the calling unit which works on PCs, tablets, and phones and is available as both hardware and software. Layouts can be customized according to the needs of the client.

Benefit of Queue Management Systems

Intelligence and expertise providing a new level of application

  • Keep queues organized

  • Organize in-house staff more efficiently

  • Evaluate and improve conversion rates

  • Understand customer behavior and trends

  • Optimize store layout

  • Plan for future changes with confidence

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