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We have a team of technically-skilled app developers who can deliver you adequate results based on your requirements for the salon application. We can work on any of the most recent features you want to include in your application. The developers who work for us are highly skilled in their field.

Advanced Salon App Features

Real-time GPS

One of the most useful features, this is offered to the clients on the basis of their needs. It helps the users to locate the salon they have booked services from and helps them reach their location with the help of the maps.

Loyalty programs

Why not offer your loyal customers something special and reward them with something useful for their loyalty. Redeemable points, gift vouchers, special discounts, and loyalty points can help you keep bringing your esteemed customers back.

In-app calling and chatting

This feature does not only allow the customers to get in touch with the beauty experts in no time with just a single tap on the screen but also helps them mask their numbers in case they are not comfortable sharing it with the beauty experts.

Reviews and feedback

Any salon or an independent beauty expert who is offering their services to the clients would love to hear about what their clients feel about their service. Therefore, we believe in integrating this feature in all beauty salon apps.


By integrating this feature in you can offer your customers a unique experience as they can turn to the support staff in case of any issues. Vindicate your communication with your clients and see what they are looking for.


Offer nothing but the best to your clients by allowing them to book any number of services in advance. For example, if a bride wants to book a beauty expert or a salon service for their big day, they should be able to make the reservation.

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Webs Utility Global | User Application Flow | Malaysia

Users Application Flow


Users can view a list of all nearby salons & view complete description of salon including services provided.

Book Appointment

Users can book their free appointment either with salon owner or employee by selecting date and time-slot

Reschedule & Cancel Appointment

Users can reschedule & cancel their appointment if not confirmed by the saloon owner or saloon employee.

Multi-Language Support

Users can use this application in both English and Turkish language

Webs Utility Global | Salon Employees Application Flow | Malaysia

Salon Employees Application Flow

Create Appointment

Salon employees can create Appointments for users which will be auto-confirmed in the application

Manage Appointment Requests

Salon employees can decline/cancel or reschedule users’ appointment booking requests.

Push Notifications

Salon employees will receive reminder push notifications to remind Saloon employee of their upcoming bookings.

QR code Scan

Salon employees have to scan the QR to confirm the user’s appointment

Webs Utility Global | Admin Backend Panel Features | Malaysia

Admin Backend Panel Features


Admin can view Salon owner & employee-wise data regarding Number of Upcoming, Pending, Completed & Cancelled Bookings.

User Management

Admin can Manage Users, Salon Employees & Salon Owners.

View Bookings

Admin can select any Salon Owners to view their all appointments Bookings.

Subscription plan

Admin can manage Subscription plans of salon owners


  • Support and maintenance
    After completing your project, our relation will not be ended. We will be always there to support you.
  • Quality assurance
    We always work with the qualitative solution delivery. We have never compromised, we are not compromising and we will never compromise with the quality of services.
Our Process Of BLE Application Development
  • 100% secure code
    We always deliver 100% secure development solutions to our clients. So, they need not face any security issue.
  • Custom Brand Name
    You can choose the custom brand name you want. We will share you the admin credentials, so you can change the brand name whenever you want to.
  • Search & Filter
  • Book Appointment
  • Reschedule & Cancel
  • Promo-Codes
  • Set Reminders
  • Scan QR Code
  • Multi-Language
  • Rate and Review
  • Profile Management
  • Create Appointment
  • Appointment Requests
  • Appointment Bookings
  • Cancel & Reschedule
  • Push Notifications
  • QR Code Scan
  • Chat with Owners
  • Employee Management
  • Appointment Mang.
  • Subscription Plan
  • Appointment Bookings
  • Cancel & Reschedule
  • Reports
  • QR Code Scan
  • Chat with Employees

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